Chris Denson

Floor Director – 16th Annual LA Music Awards

Production Coordinator – 17th, 19th Annual LA Music Awards

Simply put, I build ideas that build businesses. A variable Swiss army knife of high impact solutions and resources for internal and external success in the marketplace. 15 years experience leading teams and combining efforts across marketing, media, tech and product development. Guest speaker and curator at numerous conferences and educational institutions. Verticals include CPG, Social Innovation, Entertainment, Fashion, Arts, Electrics, Technology, and multiple hybrids therein. Former stand-up comic with a few jokes still left in the chamber.

People, Places and Things I’ve worked with:

AFI Digital Content Lab, Intel, Machinima, Nestle, adidas, Paul Frank, Sony Pictures, The Venice Biennale (Italy), African Youth With Disabilities (Nairobi, Kenya), Playboy Television, BET, The M.A.G.I.C. Conference (Las Vegas), Sundance Film Festival, New York Film Academy, Robin Thicke, Namco Bandai, Sideshow Network, and many more. To be continued…

Specialties: ·Interactive multi-media story telling for entertainment properties and lifestyle brands ·Creative development and execution of marketing and promotional campaigns ·Versatile understanding of target markets, cultures and demographics ·Budget creation and management ·Staff development, team building ·Strong industry ties and access to resources ·Exceptional writing abilities from treatments, to scripts, to one-sheets, to partnership proposals