Chrissy Albice

Highlight Reel

Presenter at the 13th Annual LA Music Awards

My name is Chrissy and this is me in a nutshell:
On August 16th, 2010 I left Hollywood behind. 15 years was all I could take of velvet ropes, celebrity obsessed lifestyles and long lines at cupcake vendors. I packed my bags and turned in the BMW along with the 90210 zip code to venture out into the world and find a new life. A life that fit me, my midwestern values and my integrity that didn’t seem to have a place in the land of fruits and nuts anymore.
Chrissy Albice
Modeling days
When I first arrived in LA, I dabbled in modeling. More for the fun of seeing my picture in a magazine rather than something I ever believed I could make a living at. I spent 4 years working for a high-profile legal team (Julia Roberts ain’t got nothing on the real Erin Brockovich), a few years working as a news producer interviewing celebrities (remind me to tell you about the time Robert Duvall called me a sensationalist), working the red carpets (btw…Julia Louis Dreyfus is a bitch and so is Dustin Hoffman’s publicist, but George Clooney …..ahhhhh ….three minutes of my life dipped in heaven) and covering celebrity court hearings (like the day Michael Jackson danced on the SUV outside of his child molestation hearing in Santa Maria, then he invited me to Neverland!).
I spent my evenings rubbing shoulders with the who’s who of Hollywood and breaking bread with some of the hottest A-list stars (Matt Dillon and Jamie Foxx will always have a special place in my heart and Jeremy Piven can go straight to hell for all I care). I then spent a few years in front of the camera hosting different shows on the Speed Channel and even a travel show that (as far as I know) never aired.
Matt Dillon and Chrissy Albice
Me and Matt
I didn’t know that I enjoyed writing until I fell in love in 2005. I began to write then for the sheer need to express the overwhelming feeling this man brought to my life. He was everything I never knew I wanted. He is no longer in my life, but thanks to him, I have found a creative outlet and a hobby that I enjoy immensely.
I’m a real foodie. I love all kinds of food (except beans, no way, no how will I eat a bean). I didn’t discover this love until about 8 years ago and funny enough that’s when I started wearing my pants tighter. Still haven’t perfected a way to travel and keep my diet and exercise routine intact so it looks like the extra pounds will be staying for a while.
Being in LA for so long had its benefits. You really have to keep up with your looks and your health. It’s the land where 40 year olds look 25 and 60 is the new 40. It’s not like that in other parts of the world. For this, I am grateful. It comes in handy when I’m abroad and young boys hit on me. The fact that I could be their mother, allows me a moment of internal laughter. Somehow, it never gets old.
Speed Channel Host- Chrissy Albice
Hosting on the Speed Channel
I had my share of ups and downs through it all. Climbing that plastic, silicone filled ladder just didn’t fulfill the life I wanted for myself anymore. I had always dreamed of cashing out and running away. I suspected I had a bit of gypsy blood in me when I broke free from my roots in Cincinnati at 18 to go to college in Boston. I then moved to Rhode Island, New Orleans and Los Angeles with a few 3-5 month jaunts in various locals in between.
When I decided to leave LA, I had only planned to travel for a month before moving to a new home on the East coast, but I came down with a bug……the travel bug. And I kept going. I ran far away and never looked back. 14 months and 22 countries later, I have decided to keep going. I will know when it is time to stop and I won’t stop a minute sooner.
I don’t miss much about LA except for the endless supply of sushi restaurants, a few choice friends and driving through the canyons of Malibu on a sunny day. I still hold onto hope that along my travels I will run into Matt or Jamie again and my luck will bring me more than three minutes with George. That’s the beauty in life. You never know where it will take you. Life can be so romantic when you know how to court it.

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