Christy Johnson

Live Performance

2010 Producers Choice Award – National Female Vocal Performer of the Year – 20th Annual LA Music Awards

2010 Nominee – Female Vocalist of the Year – 20th Annual LA Music Awards “Dreamkiller”


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DREAMKILLER is a nationally touring melodic hard rock band that presents elements of soulful melodies, jazzy harmonies, catchy rock hooks and prides themselves on colorful lyrics that include positive themes of strength, perseverance, conquering your fears head-on, as well as pushing with no limits to accomplish your goals.The band was founded in 2004 by triple threat, Christy Johnson, [2010 Los Angeles Music Awards NATIONAL FEMALE VOCAL PERFORMER OF THE YEAR; 2013 International Music & Entertainment Awards ROCK FEMALE VOCALIST OF THE YEAR] who has been featured in such films as “Tobe Hooper’s Mortuary”, “National Lampoon’s Pucked”, and is starring as Judy Hartley in the upcoming re-imagining, “Night of The Living Dead: Genesis”. Involved in arts her entire life, Christy holds a MA and BA in Acting. Adam Michel, lead guitarist/backing vocals for Dreamkiller, has been a dedicated musician for over 12 years with experience on guitar, drums, bass, keys and vocals. His influences span the entire rock spectrum, ranging from progressive metal to jam bands. Daniel Habib, rhythm guitarist/backing vocals for Dreamkiller, began his love affair with music after being introduced to The Beatles by his parents. Since then, he has performed in bands ranging from bluegrass to rock ‘n roll, allowing him to emanate a diverse and unique energy to the live experience. Chaise Elliott is a veteran of the Memphis, TN hard rock and metal music scene. With over 14 years of experience on guitar and bass, he is a multi-talented asset to the rhythm section of Dreamkiller. Talon Blaque is an L.A. glam/sleaze rocker with a Tommy Lee-esque style, swagger and showmanship. Playing drums over 20 years, he is endorsed by Xcel Drumsticks, Mass Destruction Clothing and has appeared in the horror film “The Belly of The Beast”.

Music from Dreamkiller has received placement in 12 different films so far, many of which have been released worldwide and have won numerous awards. Notably, their single “Absolution” is currently being utilized in “Monster Jam” experiences globally and their track “Lyrik’s Battle” was named as #7 of the Top 10 Most Requested Tracks of 2012 on the nationally syndicated FM/internet broadcast Rock Solid Pressure Show. Along with receiving numerous accolades, they have played the main stage of Rockapalooza, Megaton, KOHL Fest, performed at the Vans Warped Tour, showcased at numerous music conferences and tour nationally in support of their full-length concept album “Sleepless Dreams”. They are currently working on their upcoming album with tracks mixed by Grammy award winning producer, Toby Wright. Recently, Dreamkiller has been become a full-time U.S. National touring band with aspirations to span their travel worldwide.

*Dreamkiller is officially Dreamkiller, LLC and member of ASCAP
*Proudly sponsored by COLDCOCK Whiskey, Rock Rage Radio, Curt Mangan Strings, InTune Guitar Picks, Xcel Drumsticks and Mass Destruction Clothing
*National Sponsored Tours: 2015 Rock Rage Radio Calendar Search Tour; 2015 This Is Bigger Than You & I Tour; 2015 New Horizons Tour; 2015 Never Say Die Tour
*Single “Absolution” currently being utilized in “Monster Jam” experiences worldwide
*Music by Dreamkiller has been featured in the films: “Night of The Living Dead: Genesis”, “Someday”, “Eyeborgs”, “Children of Abraham”, “SUPERPOWER”, “Hardly Beloved”, “The Gospel According To Booze, Bullets & Hot Pink Jesus”, “Hellphone”, “Rotkäppchen: Blood of Red Riding Hood”, “In The Devil’s Courthouse”, “Amazon Avengers”, “Athena”
*Featured on the 2010 Los Angeles Music Awards Compilation CD, 2010 Millennium Music Conference 15 Compilation CD, & soundtrack album for “Rotkäppchen: Blood of Red Riding Hood”
*Performed on the main stage of Megaton 2014 alongside Mushroomhead and Rockapalooza 2013 alongside Candlebox, Mushroomhead, Saliva, Adam Gontier, Taproot, 12 Stones, Smile Empty Soul, Hurt, (Hed) P.E., Psychostick
*Christy performed, presented and was awarded National Female Vocal Performer of The Year at the 20th Annual LA Music Awards
*Toured Los Angeles on their 2011 “Cali-ForYa Tour” & 2010 “California Dreaming Tour”
*Performed at the 14th – 18th Annual Millennium Music Conference in Harrisburg, PA
*Performed at the 2009 Vans Warped Tour at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre – VA Beach alongside Madina Lake, VersaEmerge, In This Moment, and Aiden

“There are bands that rock, and there are bands that ROCK! Dreamkiller, falls into the later category without a doubt! I was instantly taken into their world the moment my ears were treated to “Love vs. Dreams”. You close your eyes and let the music begin to play…the sound is smooth, the bass hypnotic, and then comes the crescendo that is Christy Johnson’s voice and you’re falling! Falling into an abyss of delicious vocals, mixed with some of the hottest guitar licks ever composed! The sound is solid, and as you let the song take you away, you know this is a band that has their sh#$ together!”
– Radio Rock 92.6 The Blitz, Patreon—————————————————
“Bringing in the sharpness comes the vocals of Christy Johnson and Dreamkiller. Having shared the stage with numerous mainstream artists both in their hometown of Greensboro, NC and beyond, Dreamkiller are no strangers to beating the pavement. Describing their sound as melodic/theatrical rock, their sound is a refreshing blend of bright notes and sharp edges that seems to reminiscent of artists like Pat Benatar, The Donnas and Green Day. Johnson’s vocal dynamics hit the mark in both highs and lows, exemplifying her incredible range, even on the grittier side of vocals. These guys are always on the prowl for their show and never seem to miss the chance to their shot, so you should have plenty of chances to catch them live.”
– Patricia Jones, Sceneazine – Vol. 3, Issue 4

“Christy’s amazing spot on vocals, combined with Tian’s harmonies and blazing guitar work, proved once again, why this multi-award winning band is one of the Carolina’s favorites.”
– Gary Carota, Rock Rage Radio of The Carolinas

“Amazing! Paramore came to mind. Halestorm. I want to get them with Roger Hale with Halestorm. I can see her as the singer tomorrow in Nuclear Cowboyz if she wants to. We have Supercross coming up this year. Definitely theatrical. Very attractive and she’s got her show down pat.”
– Chris Kurtz – CEO / Head of production, The Mediatwist Group/ Feld Entertainment

“Dreamkiller stole the show! All in all, very talented singer. Very talented band.”
– Russell Fama – Executive Director, Super Sidekick Promotion & Production

“Being a singer myself, I always look forward to listening to other female singers and I hate being disappointed. I’m very happy to say that I wasn’t at all. I definitely love Christy’s voice. Great presence from her and everyone else in the band. Love the vocal harmonies as well. If we ever get the chance to play in North Carolina, I would love to share the stage with you guys.”
– Mariel Diaz-Carrion – Vocalist, Look Right Penny [Bieler Bros Records]

“I really liked the second track [All Or Nothing]. I thought the first song was great; The second track ‘Wow this is better’; The third track was really better and it just got better and better and better. I agree, they stole the show. Great performance. You can really see just how much of a character that lead singer is. She’s got a lot of personality.”
– David Adamski, Small Stone Records

“I was impressed with Dreamkiller. The other thing that really impressed me is they actually contacted me on Facebook and said ‘Hey, we’re coming out. Hope to see you. Hope to meet you.’ That meant a lot to me. I can’t think of any other band that did that. They were the only ones that contacted me and we actually responded back and forth and kudos. Unbelievable set. I see great things for this band.”
– Nick Katona – President, Melodic Revolution Records

“I see this band doing very well for themselves in the future…their musicianship is sleek and the guitars are driven by pure, raw power. Christy Johnson has a very strong voice and her voice boasts of an impressive range.”
– BMJ, The Monk’s House

“This quartet creates a very tight sound that powerfully compliments Christy’s vocals and together the group delivered a performance that felt as though it could transport you to a mystical place.”… “Johnson is a dynamic performer onstage with enormous power behind her vocals”…”Dreamkiller [is] a solid ensemble capable of headlining bigger venues.”
– Charlton Wiggins, Triad Live Music

“When Dreamkiller started setting up I wondered if they would be able to duplicate their music live…they did indeed manage…They have a unique sound and when you hear their songs, you know right away that you are listening to Dreamkiller.”
– Abby Lynn Spicer, Local Bands of The Triad Group on Facebook

“Dreamkiller is well worth the ticket price. I enjoyed the show so much that I actually felt undercharged. Check them out, you won’t be disappointed.”
– Johnny Price, Freelance Writer

“Show people and consummate professionals. Yet edgy and brimming with unbounded energy.” “They dont go halfway with style, this band.”
– Jordan Green – News Editor, Yes! Weekly Magazine

“It’s little wonder that this band created music that defied genres.” “This band deserves your attention.”
– Jason Frahm – Editor, Focus Magazine

“Lyrically sound and commercially viable these songs work well…through the substance of the material and the purity and honesty of her tone, Christy’s performance additionally awards [them] the essential edge necessary to draw the attention of the music industry.”
– Reviewer: 029-DDB, IMG Music Promotions, Inc.

“They are an energetic band and they are as much fun to listen to as they are to watch.”
– Eugene Sims – DJ/Host, Rock 92

Band Interests
Music, Truth, Freedom, Beauty, Love, Art, Expression, Fashion, POSITIVITY, Originality, Discovery, Growth as an artist and as a person, Making friends, Inspiring the world, Making a difference