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Hollywood Music and Media Awards & More Power Productions Ignores court to stop illegal sales of unregistered stocks and securities

MOREPOWER PRODUCTIONS: A private investment cannot be solicited to the PUBLIC, though tv, radio, internet or other public advertisements. The company has to file a Regulation D Exemption with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and file securities offerings in the states where it is raising money. Since More Power has done neither, it is in violation of both federal and state securities laws. See Cease and Desist Order below. The Commission also requests immediately notifying the Pennsylvania Securities Commission by calling 800-600-0007, or, in Harrisburg: (717) 787-8062, in Pittsburgh: (412) 565-5083 or in Philadelphia: (215) 560-2088 if furthersolicitations or sales are made by MPP and Jim Decicco, as it constitutes violations of the 1972 Act and the Commission’s Orders. Pennsylvania Commission Halts Unregistered Activity

By More Power Productions, Inc. and James DeCicco Harrisburg, PA, 09/26/2008 To halt the offer and sale of unregistered securities in Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Securities Commission (Commission) issueda Summary Order to Cease and Desist against More Power Productions, Inc. (MPP), an entity, and James DeCicco (DeCicco), an individual, both with an address in Redondo Beach, California. MPP maintained a web site at Site). DeCicco was the CEO and chairman of MPP. According to the Web Site, MPP was in the business of “developing and implementing a high-tech, futuristic musical production that is designed to be contracted to a Las Vegas Casino for entertainment.” Inor about August 2008, MPP placed an advertisement (Ad) on an Internet message board which stated “Established Music/ Executive seeking funds for New Entertainment.” At least one Pennsylvania resident (PA Resident) observed the Ad and e-mailed a request for offering materials (Materials) using the contact information in the Ad. Inor about August 2008, in response to contact information supplied by atleast one PA Resident, DeCicco sent an e-mail to the PA Resident, whichstated that MPP was offering for sale shares of stock (Shares) to fund the “development of new proprietary audience interaction technology and its implementation into a theatrical presentation.” Inor about August 2008, DeCicco telephoned at least one PA Resident and told the PA Resident that the minimum purchase was 25, 000 Shares for $25, 000. However, DeCicco told the PA Resident that the PA Resident could purchase 15, 000 Shares for $15, 000. DeCicco offered for sale the Shares to at least one PA Resident and told the PA Resident that the return on investment of the Shares could be “20 times the investment if everything happens.” Inor about September 2008, DeCicco e-mailed the Materials to at least onePA Resident. The Materials state that MPP is offering for sale 1, 000, 000 Shares at one dollar per Share, and MPP is seeking a total capitalization of $1, 000, 000. ThePA Resident had no substantive, pre-existing relationship with MPP or DeCicco. The Web Site does not contain the disclosure set forth in Commission Regulation 203.190. TheCommission ordered More Power Productions, Inc. and James DeCicco to stop offering or selling the Shares in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in violation of the Pennsylvania Securities Act of 1972, and in particular Section 201 thereof. This man is also being sued in LA Superior Court for several counts including Theft of Intellectual Property, Misappropriation of Trade Secrets, Unfair Competition and many other counts as well. That case can be reviewed at and can be found using case number BC 398485.
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Offender: Jim DeCicco
Country: USA State: California City: Redondo Beach
Address: 1754 Carver St
Phone: 3108023376
Category: Recreation & Entertainment