Colin Green

Highlight Reel

2010 Nominee – Electronica/Dance Artist of the Year – 20th Annual LA Music Awards

2010 Nominee – Music Video of the Year – 20th Annual LA Music Awards “Between Me and the Sea”

NOMINATED FOR LA MUSIC AWARDS BEST ELECTRONICA ARTIST OF THE YEAR AND BEST MUSIC VIDEO OF THE YEAR, 2010! – Colin Green is a production and performance based group focused on triggering themes and surrounding songs in sounds that leave you cautious, curious and ultimately safe

Over the years, Colin Green has morphed time and time again. Today, instead of your average grouping of guitars and drums, this electro-synth duo looks to turn heads.

Colin Green started as an idea and is now in full form, a snapshot of the past and a spyglass into the future. Graham Colin and Kristopher Thiele write, record, produce and perform their own music and have been very well received. With a full backing band or without, live experience takes over. After winning the ITA Battle of The Bands in Boston, exhausting the minimal club scene there and being asked to perform at Berklee School of Music, they began writing the follow up to the debut record, The Odyssey. With rave reviews and a steady hype, The Odyssey aims to stand out in 2010.