Colour My World

Highlight Reel

2013 Nominee – Tribute Band of the Year – 23rd Annual LA Music Awards

In all our life histories, there are many nostalgic memories involving music.

Colour My World was formed, in part, to make audiences remember the true impact that one of the best American bands had on the world of music.

In 1967, Walter Parazaider, a classical clarinet player and sax side-liner, gathered a few of his college mates, Lee Loughnane (trumpet), James Pankow (trombone) and band-mates Danny Seraphine (drums) and Terry Kath (guitar), together to discuss forming a “different” kind of rock band featuring an integrated horn section as an interwoven part of the music.

In 1968, the new band came out as “The Big Thing”, to be joined later by Robert Lamm, followed by bassist Peter Cetera. Producer Jimmy Guercio realized the “unusual” band’s great potential and bankrolled them with his own money, renaming them “Chicago Transit Authority”. He moved them to Los Angeles in the summer of 1968.

Guercio presented the band to Clive Davis (CBS records) and, in 1969, they put out their first album, appropriately titled “Chicago Transit Authority”. At the time, the Mayor of Chicago didn’t particularly like the band naming themselves after his city. After their first few hits, he changed his position.

Chicago is now an American icon and treasure. We are proud and privileged to be a tribute to this great band and their contribution to American music. Instead of reinterpreting Chicago’s music, Colour My World’s ambition is to simply capture the true essence of what so many fans remember from the original recordings, and allow them, for a time, to relive their past.

“Colour My World” takes great pride in presenting an entirely “live” show, free of prerecorded tracks, tapes or enhancements of any kind. The founding members spent fourteen months searching the world for enthusiastic and talented musicians who were properly suited to the demanding endeavor which is the music of “Chicago”.