Cosecha Davino

Highlight Reel

2013 Honorable Mention¬†–¬†23rd Annual LA Music Awards

Originating out of Central Maryland, Cosecha Davino began his career as a Poet under the name,Nicely Put.He was always a fan of underground trip hop accompanied by a compilation of international Dee-Jays. The label that attracted Davino’s attention the most was, Shadow Records. With international big names like, Dj Krush,Dj Cam,Dj Shadow, Dj Vadim and many more.No stranger to writing Cosecha also was strongly influenced by musics finest with big names like Tupac Shukar, Black Thought, Mos Def, Common,Talib Kweli, Lupe Fiasco,, the Wu Tang Family, Nas,and Eminem and Sade.To date Cosecha Davino is an accomplished producer. His sound is very vintage ,thus the name Cosecha. He has admired respect from his originality and his overall production sound. Still building his resume of production credits, Cosecha’s production earned him a top #28 ranking on the now discontinued

So until fully recognized,Cosecha Davino focus is to continue to create and establish his position in the world of electronic musicianship.

In this business your production speaks for it self. There are a lot of talented musicians on the internet. So then one may ask,”how does one seperate self from the pack”. My response is simply treat what you do as a career not a hobby. Don’t be overly envious,give proper credit where it so deserves and learn how to mix your music down in order to cut through the thick fog of precipitated artist that continue to rain over the internet.

Your creative production should define who you are not who you would like to sound like. The industry is so flooded with clone production you don’t know who sampling who or even who made what.

My focus is to make memorable music not just a hit. If it is memorable it will already be a hit. So as you click your way through my production and would like to ride the Terrain, then consider yourself transformed. You are about to exit your current mental awareness into a world of total seperateness and depth.

Your journey will leave you conscious of a concept that will allow you to tap into a energy that will propel you to a new outlook on sound. Allow me to recondition your mind into a design of self injected insight that you can be Original_____ Cosecha Davino aka Dj Terrain

Why this name?
What do you do when you hear new music? Do you embrace it or even follow it? Do you even look at the credits to see who the artist is? Do you engage in street talk slander? You know what they say, it’s not industry standard. New music is new sound orientation. From the second it reaches your ears the boom confirms pulsation. New music is like the truth hard to accept. So if it’s hot say it’s hot. Just respect that it’s music. And if making new music becomes a mistake. Then I have just created a NEW ERA………….
Written by: Davino
A.K.A. NicelyPut
Do you play live?
I do not play a live instrument. I am a virtual instrumental artist. Which means I play instruments generated by computer input. (VST)
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
In my opinion it created a uncontrolled mega surge of publicity, with pros-and cons. Yes the world can hear and the world can take from you at the same time. The open market for media mischief cannot be forcefully monitored. Therefore allowing any entity(s) to indiscretely become an unwanted 3rd person. Don’t get me wrong I use it and benefit from it’s operation. What can you do……..?
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
In the process of making history…………
Your influences?
The unique artist of past/present that was not afraid of making a change in a monotone society.
Favorite spot?
Inner Being
Equipment used:
FL STUDIO 10 and Soundforge 10
Anything else…?
Enjoy the music