Cousin Affect

Highlight Reel

Performer – 2009 Phoenix Music Awards – 19th Annual LA Music Awards

Live Performer of the Year – Phoenix Music Awards – 19th Annual LA Music Awards

Cousin Affect’s music is a compelling mix of genres. It is a powerful and unique style resulting from their wide range of musical appreciation. By using common blues progressions and funky chord arrangements, Cousin Affect is able to achieve a sound able to make all generations groove. They pay homage to the roots of music by drawing from it inspiration only. They draw their energy from the live and funky vibe. With glimpses of blues, funk, reggae, jazz, rock, and the lyrical style of hip hop, Cousin Affect has truly captured an original style to call their own. It is aged yet still modern. Clean without the sugar coat. Intelligent and still accessible. Raw yet still precise.

Cousin Affect’s vision is to offer an alternative to a pop culture which has seen a recent and significant presence of negativity. Working closely with many inner city kids in Phoenix has given Cousin Affect first hand experience with the lives they hope to affect. This youth is extremely vulnerable to the way pop culture influences them. Cousin Affect is working to send a new message. One that is centered around giving, in all its forms, from community service to simply giving your heart to whomever you meet in your daily life. One that will shed positive light among its listeners. One that can be shared between people of all walks of life. One that will show them how committed Cousin Affect is to the music, their values, and the enjoyment of the general public. They hope to spark a new excitement for positive and progressive music, as well as pushing you towards cultural and social awareness. Cousin Affect seeks to build bridges across all that divides us.