DC Harding

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2014 Nominee – Male POP Artist of the Year – 24th Annual LA Music Awards

2014 Nominee – POP Single of the Year – 24th Annual LA Music Awards “Not Up To You”

Best Male Pop Artist of the Year, LA Music Award Winner, DC Harding is taking the world by storm! His debut single, Not Up To You, was also nominated for Pop Single of the Year In 2009, DC was the first male to be crowned the Star of the International Sevens where his music career took off. Later that year, he was performing a long side some of New Zealand’s biggest names Tina Cross, Annie Crummer, Jason Kerrison (OpShop), Shane Cortese, TK Paradza (Titanium), and Bella Kalolo. In 2010, he performed a long side New Zealand and Australian hit band, Dragon (Rain, April Sun in Cuba and Old Enough) which introduced him to singer/song writer Jordan Luck. The introduction lead to an invite from Jordan to write DC a song. 2014 has seen DC’s career grow with business deals and endorsements coming from around the world. He is currently writing music for businesses around the world for their global advertising. DC is one of New Zealand’s top entertainers with fans growing by the day.