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2013 Honorable Mention – 23rd Annual LA Music Awards

2013 Nominee – Instrumental Album of the Year – 23rd Annual LA Music Awards “Cuentos Sonoros”

Daniel Minimalia  returns with his second album “Arenas de Luna” , with which confirms his genius with unique characteristics in our country and international projection, after his successful debut album“Tales Sound” for which he was dubbed “the Mike Oldfield Spanish.

With this new album, which is well distributed in Spain, in countries likeUSA or Germany , the musician ourensano undertake a national tour in cities such as Madrid, Valencia, Seville, Malaga, Barcelona, ​​Lugo, Santiago, La Coruna and Orense. After the national tour will travel in March to Los Angeles to make the presentation in the United States,the country in which it was nominated in HOLLYWOOD MUSIC AWARDS two songs from his previous album “Tales Sound” Saying goodbye and Akainik as best classic song and new age respectively. “Waves of the South” (C / 2), is the first single and perhaps the most prominent theme of the album, a masterpiece full of strength and emotion that is so characteristic of Daniel Minimalia , which mixes brushstrokes flamenco and Celtic folk with that style of playing the guitar, drawing a very special and powerful melody. The Galician composer has had to “Waves of the South” with the beautiful voice of Rosa Cedrón , former lead singer of Luar na Lubre , has made ​​this a magnificent and fanciful single shot videcolip City of Culture in Santiago. “Sands Moon “ contains nine songs recorded entirely by orensano musician, showing us their racial and organic side-influenced roots music such as folk, flamenco, gypsy jazz, French music, going back to the rock and electronics. The recordings on the disc were made ​​between Orense and Madrid, produced by Galician Sebastián Mato, and was mixed and mastered by Felipe Guevara who has worked with artists such as Raphael, El Cigala, Serrat, Pablo Alboran or Malu.  Noteworthy is also the second theme the collaboration Rosa Kidron and gives the name to the LP ” Arenas de Luna “(C / 4), also very much in line “Waves of the South”, with flamenco cajones, darbukas, palms, acoustic and Spanish guitar melody merging imaginable drawing a line between influences of flamenco and folk music. Another soulful gem of an album that seems to evoke the listener, the spell of the moon in the sea. “Heartbeats” (C / 1) is the composition that opens the album, pure strength and emotion that offers the racial aspect of Daniel Minimalia reminiscent of Arabic music, flamenco and folk but always with the seal so personal that makes it a beautiful and precise issue that leads us to travel to the southern hemisphere. It is very striking version of ” The Pond “(C / 4), one of the emblematic songs of Heroes del Silencio that Minimaliamimetiza to perfection, a beautiful version with Spanish guitar, violins, piano, percussion and drums. This release is part of “Arenas de Luna”, after the great reception that took the tour Tales Sound and on the internet where their version uploaded by a Mexican user is around 100,000 visits in youtube. As advances in disk discovered new songs like ” If vanish “(C / 5) in which you can dislumbrar influences of French music as Yann Tiersen or Zaz , a beautiful theme that becomes capture sensitivity, sense and feeling. Elektra (C / 8) shows the more electronic side of Arenas de Luna, that evokes the work of Jean Michel Jarre and Pink Floyd , melodic electric guitars, synthesizers, guided by a piano melody effects. “Saying goodbye”(C / 7 ), it was one of the favorite themes of the public who attended his concerts with Tales Sound , filled with nostalgia and emotion, was composed by the loss of their grandparents in just two days, on this record, “Arenas de Luna” includes a orchestrated guitar and violin with piano version, the original idea conceived by the artist. Gypsy and Central European folk-jazz style Goran Bregovic and Kusturica are the influences that we are in essence parvula (C6 ), melodies that evoke Mediterranean landscapes using instruments such as the tuba or the accordion. Contramarea (C / 9) is the closing track “Arenas de luna”, one rock theme grand finale that might be worthy to either end of epic, another example of the eclecticism of Daniel Minimalia, pure power of guitars, bass, drums and a string section Minimalia Daniel(Daniel Llorente) was born in Vitoria 28 years ago when bands like U2, Police and Prince were in full swing. Being very young he and his family moved to live in the city of Orense. At 8 years begins to show his musical interests, while most of the kids played football at recess, he never left his walkman and heard again and again the disc “Rock and Rivers” that marks deeply by then, at the age of 13 he began playing electric guitar completely self-taught after receiving a basic understanding, influenced by classic 70s asLed Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy among many others, and National Heroes del Silencio o Soft, learn to play by ear the songs and solos that would not stop listening. With a guitar imitation of his brother and “armed “with a simple radio, spends hours in the attic of his house trying to learn the issues and records at that time already had marked. Recalls with special fondness how he learned Pond heroes of silence , the first song and playing that later would make a successful version, or spent months in order to play the entire album “Made in Japan” by Deep Purple.  When just a teenager made ​​his first home recordings that he recorded versions and is at 16 when it debuts for the first time in a performance at the institute, After graduating high school, he begins to military man in rock bands, passes various formations and three friends founded the University “Zirkus” , his first serious project that publish a demo If you open your eyes “ . After three years playing together for many local and when they were starting to work on their second album, left the band to seek new horizons, time also fail to finish their college careers and graduate studies. After a time reflection decides to forge his own identity as a musician and begin a second stage of learning, studying different musical styles and deepens their knowledge of classical, bass guitar and composes his first piano pieces. When you have completed the first multi-instrumental tracks contacts with producer Sebastian Mato , instrumental in the early recording project in which does a brilliant job.  The result of those first recordings of subjects is more than satisfactory so the goal of editing their own LP is proposed. This process of development that combines with his work will take nearly three years, also composed music for several audiovisual works: short films, documentaries, etc. Very interested in roots music, playing bass collaborates with folk formation Coanhadeira, Galician group great projection, winner of international folk “PRAU” and that was sign the prestigious international festival of Lorient in France. In the fall of 2012 the disc is published “Tales Sound” contains twelve songs all composed by very young and promising musician Daniel Minimalia and shape their own sound fantasy.From a young age he learned to play several instruments: electric guitar, acoustic, the Spanish, the electric bass and piano, allowing you to perform an eclectic work that goes through various genres ranging from classical or new age, the rock, ethnic, or pop music, roots music, to symphonic rock; a set of tunes that tell small stories, stories with the guitar as the main actor, always sheltered by various instruments such as the bass, drums, percussion, voice, piano and keyboards, which are not limited to any kind Specifically musical. Not surprisingly, to hear, he has captivated major Spanish radio professionals as Tato Port of Radio 3, Pilar Tabares-RNE Radio 1, where he was named “Artist of the week” ; to the critics who have labeled the “Mike Oldfield Spanish”   or “Firspost”, a leading information portals in India, that the day after the premiere of the corresponding video to the ” Westfall Far “ was chosen as “video highlights of the week.”  A beautiful and precise work developed in detail, where the melodies become ear poems that invite the listener to experience feelings and emotions through the textures created. Nothing like in the Spanish music scene, and soon internationally. This opens their first album “Westfall Far” (C / 1), an issue with clear reminiscences new age, an evocative theme that conveys peace and tranquility in the collaboration of Irene Pérez Salgueiro’s voice, and it melts as a tool within the texture created by the artist. The video for the song was directed by director David Gonzalez also orensano DYR productions and scripted by Minimalia own, in him the message of the song is highlighted using some animated pictures of landscapes in 3D. The day after his release he was elected by the Firspost, a leading information portals in India, as the highlight video of the week. It should express special mention to cut fourth album ” Akainik “, who named the digital Ep published earlier this year as a preview of the disc, and which got a huge following. This is a topic that surprises the listener by its melodic power and unlikely mix of styles, such as classical, new age, rock, ethnic, symphonic rock and more, that come together to reach a common point, a colorful instruments and melodies led by guitarist Minimalia. Depending on the disc is discovered recently this musician fácilponer labels, to meet with the theme “Saying goodbye” (C / 12), a musical gem for enjoyment, with only one classical guitar makes the listener flourish in the same feelings experienced by the artist, a song composed by the loss of two relatives, filled with nostalgia and emotion from the first to the last note, undoubtedly the favorite topic of the public who attended his concerts. Other key to understanding this work that escapes from the mold set by the current music industry issues is the ” trapeze Waltz “ (C / 6) which can dislumbrar influences of French music as Yann Tiersen , a beautiful theme that becomes capture sensitivity, sense and feeling. O “Echo of a Dream “ (C / 8), a sonic journey that begins with a sweet piano melodies and ends with rapid electric guitar solo reminiscent of the 70 greatest guitarists like Roger Waters and Mark Knopfler. Nor we can forget the video of “Sonata for any one day “(C / 2) or” love shoes “as a label website infonews Argentina where he was the highlight of the week video. Made by Esther Saavedra and adapted by the artist himself, became a perfect symbiosis in which having like protagonists to a simple pair of shoes, they develop a little story of love at first sight. “Tales Sound”  is a solid step towards the consolidation of his career as a musician and accompanied by an impeccable selection of six musicians, make it unique concert with personality, exciting, direct and a touching simplicity, more typical of large formations with an already extensive experience, a musician and composer, self-taught young