Danny Peck

Highlight Reel

Live Performance

Nominee – 1996 6th Annual LA Music Awards

Influenced by the Beatles and Motown, along with folk, jazz, blues, and reggae, Peck released one major-label album in the late ’70s; the guitarist didn’t follow up until 1993, when he was signed by Deston/RCA for a self-titled LP. Love Politico followed in 1997.

Danny Peck coined the phrase and eventual album title Love Politico to describe his artistry, a delicate blend of fiery social commentary and tender, romantic poetry. The slogan works, and so does the record. Peck’s musicality and melodies pull from pop, jazz, folk, soul, world, and rock, making his overall sound pleasing to a wide audience, if ever they were to find him. Muted trumpets dance with tablas and acoustic guitar over a bed of swirling strings, while Peck’s passionate voice cuts through with lyrics that are at once thoughtful and clever. His themes wander through straightforward broken-hearted longing in “For a Thousand Days” to the spiritually inspired ruminations of “Noah’s Car” to fiercely pointed political condemnations such as “There’s a War Goin’ On.” Each track shows Peck’s acute awareness of his world, both internal and external. Try to imagine a wired Jackson Browne and you’ll get a vague idea of Peck. He’s essentially a musical beat poet for Generation X and beyond. His followers agree — for to dive into Peck’s vision of life, either through his records or live performances, will change your own.