Darwin Chamber

Highlight Reel

Nominated for techno/electronica artist of the year LA Music Awards

Mark Greenfield, (aka Darwin Chamber) Musician and Composer, specializes in: sound design, recording and editing; music composition & production; voice recording & ADR editing; vocal pitching for animation; and 3D SFX production. With a diverse background in music, broadcast television, motion picture, the Internet and video games; he has produced over 5,000 professional sound effects, 15 SFX albums in 3D, and has released over 75 music albums mainly under the alias Darwin Chamber, many of which are available on iTunes.
Mark Greenfield is a musician and composer with over 25 years of experience as a sound design engineer. His resume includes sound design for South Park and the feature film Hoodwinked Too. He has experience in all broadcast mediums: Television, movies, video games and Internet.

Mark pioneered the art of creating 3D sound effects: the virtual placement of sound sources in three-dimensional space, including behind, above or below the listener. Using NASA 3D Audio computer systems, he is one of only a dozen in the world who can create true 3D Audio works using X, Y, Z coordinates.

Mark is also known for his expert ability to pitch shift voices up several octaves, producing realistic “child-like” effects. This technique was used in the T.V. show South Park, the movie Hoodwinked Too, Abe’s Oddysee II and the video game Mavis Beacon Keyboarding Kidz, to name a few.
Mark has also produced over 50 apps for multiple platforms, including one receiving a top 500 apps of all time award. He project managed each app from conception to completion and spearheaded the marketing and PR endeavors, and supervised timely updates for iOS compliance. Notable mentions include a partnership with Cigna Health and the official Morrissey app. He created the audio, SFX for all of these apps.
Darwin Chamber is the alter ego of Mark Greenfield. A son of Marin County in Northern California, this producer has been active in the progressive electronic music scene for more than 25 years. Just like the rest of the underground music scene’s pioneers, he started learning his craft on a cheap keyboard at a friend’s house and gradually kept moving on to more expensive equipment and more prestigious venues.

Over the past twenty years, Darwin Chamber has performed hundreds of live shows from The House of Blues to the San Francisco Cow Palace.

A professional sound engineer and bona fide “knob tweaker”, Darwin Chamber has earned respect on a technical level as well as a creative one. Creatively, he is acknowledged as one of the earliest contributors to the breakbeat and trip-hop sub-genres.

Darwin Chamber first made a name for himself in San Francisco, but gained plenty of recognition on the national and world music scenes in the late ’90s, even earning a nod from MTV. He released music on various labels, such as Moonshine Music and Basssex. Currently Darwin Chamber is releasing music in addition to nature sound effect albums via an iTunes exclusive partnership with Serwin Music Group.