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Producers Choice Recipient – Rythm Section of the Year – 2008 Phoenix Music Awards – 18th Annual LA Music Awards

2001 – Jason and John rebuild following the breakup of Arms of the Sun. Bassist Christopher Coons joins the band late 2001. The band continues to perform as Arms of the Sun.

2003 – The trio record a self titled album under the name Daughters of Fission.

late 2004 – Keyboardist Stephanie Dilk joins the band. Stephanie’s first show was a Christmas show which we’d all just as soon forget.

2005 – Abandonatomy is recorded at Mind’s Eye and released that year.

late 2007 – M.O.T.H. is recorded at Mind’s Eye and released 2008.

late 2009 – Christopher Coons leaves the band.

2010 – Bassist Samuel Lersch joins DoF.

2011 – Currently recording the next album.

Daughters of Fission Abandonatomy by Serene Dominic
Maybe I’m shallow, but I’m still waiting for a band called Daughters of Fission that’s four women with Coke-bottle eyeglasses and hair up in hideous buns who magically transform into ravishing Amazons midway through their set. This unit is three gals short and way too serious to take this high-minded concept and run with it as dudes. Abandonatomy, the group’s second CD, is progcore delivered with snarky titles like “Yes We’re Perplexed,” and “All Purpose Meanies” (the best track here, a menacing anthem with lightning-fast bass drum and organ fills that hover like a cruising UFO). Still, you wonder how a band that says it has “an agenda which includes world domination” isn’t shooting itself in the foot singing song after song warning us about a despotic government, which D.O.F. will have to supplant — and, in essence, become — in order to maintain stability in the free world. Look, no one said tyranny was going to be easy. This month, catch the band at the Chandler Zia Record Exchange on the 12th, Joe’s Grotto on the 18th, and Hollywood Alley in Mesa on the 25th.

Abandonatomy/Daughters of Fission by Tony Sison, All Access Magazine
If you’ve been looking for a band whose music will get your adrenaline pumping in no time flat, this is it, right here, ‘Abandonatomy’ by Daughters Of Fission. Daughters of Fission are powered by Jason Prichard (vocals/drums), John Banks (guitar), Christopher Coons (bass), and Stephanie Dilk (keyboards). To anyone who holds that “rock achieved perfection in the 70’s”, you’d do good to check these guys out. The psychedelic feel of the album, combined with the masterful guitar work of John Banks and the strong vocals by Jason Prichard are a perfect fit, coming together to complete something that fans of Jane’s Addiction and Red Hot Chili Peppers will be able to enjoy. Similarly, any fan of modern alternative music should check out this album, because it will undoubtedly get its hooks in you. This album has the type of music that forces you to tap your foot or bob your head. Not only is the music “catchy”, but the talent and creativity within are also very admirable. As is evident on tracks like the opening mover, “Yes We’re Perplexed” then you have “Behind The Primates” and “Smellyourarmy”, that make sure they have your undivided attention. ‘Abandonatomy’ finishes with “Ape” which is one of the best songs on the entire album. The musical range along with the experimentation on this album brings Daughters of Fission to a level where too few musicians are willing to tread. Subsequent listens have only revealed more and more of its rewarding nuances and intricate delights. ‘Abandonatomy’ is at times tender, visceral, rousing and quirky, but always intense, dramatic and cinematic, like the best rock music should be. ‘Abandonatomy’ will do for Rock and Roll what Thoreau’s Walden did for literature: reinvent the wheel by simply giving it corners. This is one band that is definitely worth checking out! Highly Recommended

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absolutely incredible! as impressive or more than any i’ve heard!! Reviewer: grum dano the cd’s flow from song to song is fluid, interweaving an overall pattern that is both intelligent and exciting, with each song topping the last with no loss in drive or intensity. the music on this cd is not only strong vocally (what? the drummer is singing?!), but lyrically as well – thought-provoking words float just above the music unwaveringly. the drumming is incredible, the piano a delight, and guitar/bass work intense. there is hardly a weak area to the entire cd. the song’s are mature enough to compete with any “signed” band, and just so darn listenable, that one could play the cd over and over for days and weeks and not get tired of hearing it! why are these guy’s not signed?! overall – bravo! i want MORE!! Who are these guys, and girl?! Reviewer: Vector Victor I visit CD Baby quite often looking for new underground and unsigned music and stumbled upon this band, bought “abandonatomy” and absolutely love it! Nice job dof crew, youve made a new fan! The Dynamic Evolution Reviewer: William R McLeod I am not suprised to return to this site a few days after I bought the CD and see it sold out. This album truly is a musical journey into something different. I am suprised and dissapointed to hear that this album is not distributed by some large record company. It has been on repeat for 3 days now. Is This Real reviewer: Baby Hella I knew there were intelligent, and skilled musicians involved in bands out there. Daughters Of Fission is the first proof of it that I’ve heard in a long time. The music has a nice melodic surface with nice grooves and yet there is something new to hear with each new listen. Very well done! i can’t wait for them to come through my town. awesome author: paul this band is great, and they put on a PERFECT live show. their performance on stage sounds as clear and powerful as the carefully crafted studio recordings. they are no joke. if you are ever in phoenix, be sure to check around and see if they are playing. very friendly and laid back too, members actually recognized me from myspace comments at a show and said hi, even bought me a beer! Buy their albums now, you will love them! AZ baby! AMAZING Talent!!!! author: Dawn Francois you guys continue to outdue yourselves; not sure why these big record companies/labels have not noticed…truly talented musicians, all-around great music. it has a little of everything, I personally cannot get enough of DOF, especially the drummer, WHOA…..u guys kick ass, and keep playing, people are listening!