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Photographer who attended the 2013 LA Music Awards

Thanks for dropping by and “Checking Me Out.” I’m supposed to write something here that describes me, how I’m all that and a bowl of grits and how hiring me to be your photographer will be the best experience in the world ever – blah blah blah.

But with that said, I’ll give you my best down-to-earth “Cliffs Notes” version at sharing with you who I am, what I love & where my head is at….

My passion for photography began when I was a kid picking up my mother’s Kodak book on basic photography where I fell head over heels in love with the medium (she was a wedding & portrait photographer). Since then, my creative universe in art and music rapidly expanded when I graduated school and went on to become a drummer in a dance-rock band, model for Ralph Lauren, and perform as a street dancer in nightclubs in Chicago, Kansas City, Portland and more (I thought I had moves back then…). But all the while I still snapped away at the camera capturing what my clients view as some of the most romantic, exciting and sexy portraits.

My roller-coaster photographic career has spanned nearly 3 decades from LA to London, Paris & Berlin, Costa Rica & Switzerland and has blessed me with so many other exciting arenas to shoot in other than weddings and portraits. I’ve had the opportunity to photograph rock bands! Some of my favourite bands that I’ve shot so far have been Duran Duran (A dream come true and yes I’m a die-hard Duranie AND stuck in the 80′s!), DJ John B, Orgy, Gary Numan, Robyn, Limp Bizkit, Suicide Machines, People Mover out of the UK and more.

Being a bit of an adrenaline junkie, I’ve also had the opportunity to photograph extreme sports – where you would regularly find me hanging off of vert ramps, in mosh pits during events like; The Van’s Warped Tour and getting crashed into by extreme sports athletes at The Winter & Summer X Games. All of this craziness eventually took me on the road, touring as the official photographer for the National Inline Skate Series. My photography & writing has been published in various inline skating magazines around the world in French, German, Spanish and English.

In my free time, I enjoy giving motivational speeches to socio-economically challenged elementary schools, doing presentations about the art & science of photography in high schools & colleges and donate my time to charitable organizations like the JCC in Long Beach.

So, if you like what you’ve read and loving what you see, shoot me an email or ring me up so we can chat. I’m a huge fan of coffee or if that’s not your speed, let’s meet up over one of my favourite snacks; Nachos & Newcastles.