David Kater

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1994 – Nominee – 4th Annual LA Music Awards
Date of Birth 25 May 1975, La Puente, California, USA
Birth Name David Andrew Kater

David Kater was born on May 25, 1975 in La Puente, California, USA as David Andrew Kater. He is known for his work on The All New Mickey Mouse Club (1989), Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit (1993) and Rhythm & Jam (1993).

David Kater has been providing hit toplining and music production world wide for years. With hits spanning the globe, DKM has been responsible for international hits on acts such as Japan’s super group N.E.W.S as well as South Korea’s KPop sensation super group Shinee.

In Asia, DKM also had the top single with EMI/YG Entertainment artist Seven. DKM has also been heard in the U.S. on many formats including hit television shows such as CW’s One Tree Hill and America’s Next Top Model. His music has been featured on other shows such as MTV Cribs, Crash The Series, on ad campaigns for Got Milk, Oreo Cookies, Disney’s Toy Story 3, and on films such as Chris Rock’s “Good Hair” and Hillary Duff’s break out movie “Material Girls” to name a few credits.

David Kater is also one of the original members of Disney’s The All New Mickey Mouse Club which spawned mega talents such as Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears as well as in the hit movie Sister Act 2, Back In the Habit co-starring along side Whoopi Goldberg, Lauren Hill, and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Latest projects include a February release of the song “Hungry” debuting on German/ Japanese artist Symphobia through Avex Records Japan and currently in development with DKM artist and talent power house Anthony Paul gearing up for a U.S. release in 2015.