Nominee – 1996 6th Annual LA Music Awards

DC-10 was founded at first as a hardcore band on spring 1997 by Joel Kalsi and Ari Myllymäki (aka DJ Dee). Tero Laihanen (aka Floppi) joined the crew soon after the founding of the group. They prepared their first album Take Off between the 1st of March and the10th of June 1997. Dance Current Recordings & Productions followed the creation of DC-10 as a label for releasing the records of DC-10 and as a labelname for other smaller projects.

Whole summer 1997 was spent on composing and partying. Due to starting of the studies on 12th August 1997, the compiling of next album Mayhem was delayed. On 20th August 1997, DC-10 hired a singer, Petra Vallo, one of the 4 vocalists of The Shape. She gave her voice for couple of songs and that material was the kick-start for DC-10’s style change from hardcore to eurodance. On 29th August 1997, DC-10 kept a recording session in DJ Dee’s home studios when Peppi Lended’s voice for couple of tracks. The first shooting star of DC-10 was the song And The Base Kicks which was their first “on-air” play. The album edit was first played on the opening ceremonies of a new ice hall in Kangasala and radio edit got many listeners by the play on radio 538 in Holland. The Second record, Mayhem, was recorded on 12-13th of September 1997 at IT Studios and many technical problems occured during the session.