Dead Legend

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Hard Rock Band of the Year 2012 LA Music Awards

2012 Nominee – Rock Single of the Year – 22nd Annual LA Music Awards “Numbers Down”

2013 Nominee – Record of the Year – 23rd Annual LA Music Awards

One bullet, yes one single 0.45 caliber bullet was all it took to change this band forever. Tommie Bevardos, the former drummer of Dead Legend, loved shooting guns and he decided to do it the weekend before their first national tour. What a mistake! Tommie was accidently shot in the ass, the bullet lodging itself in his knee. Today, with the bullet permanently in his knee, Tommie walks with a cane and is recovering from his injury but will be back on stage soon.

The band is still playing in and around the tristate area(CA,AZ,NV) with a few hired guns until tommie is able to return so stay tuned for info on more shows.

Dead Legend is Nico Johns on vocals, bass and keyboards, Otis Paul Smith on the guitars and Tommie Bevardos on the drums. Nico is from Cleveland Ohio, Otis is from San Diego California and Tommie is fro Santa Monica California. Nico and Otis grew up together in L.A. but surprisingly never shared the same stage. After nearly a year of pestering Otis to come down and listen to some tracks, Nico finally said “Dude, if you don’t come down I’m finding someone else!” Otis finally relented and was in the band the next day.

Together since march 20007, the band is finally starting to tour and will be releasing their debut CD “PLAN I” in late summer 2011.

For those who thought Rock’n Roll was dead, bad news. Rock is not dead. Rock is DEAD LEGEND.

PS: The band has something very special and unique coming out soon. Stay tuned (no, it’s not music!).