Deborah Bishop

Highlight Reel

Performer at the 14th annual LA Music Awards

2004 Unanimous Choice Award Recipient – Independent Americana Album of the Year – 14th annual LA Music Awards


“One person can make a difference.”

Her Role: Deborah Bishop is an acclaimed intuitive, wealth coach and keynote performer / personal development performance artist (combining speaking, original songs and comedy).

Her Services: The artist developed her life-changing “Whole Wealth Method” to help individuals from all walks of life break through personal barriers to meet their greatest potential. Her work as an intuitive, a wealth coach, and a personal development performance artist / Keynote Performer centers on the premise that anything is possible when you can allow it in. Knowing how to allow however means also know how to recognize the past, habits, patterns, and fears, this is the crux of Deborah’s work and she calls it defining your Foundational Lie so it no longer gets to define you. Deborah’s stirring solo presentation, the “One Woman Show“, uses heartfelt stories, humor and musical performances to inspire audience members to their next level of greatness.

Special Mission: At the heart of all she does, Deborah is truly motivated to be the voice for those who don’t have one. Through her newly founded A.C.T. One Alliance (Action Creates Transformation, One earth, One people, One Heart) non-profit organization, she plans to partner with other non-profits to help provide a solution — “by the people and of the people” — for the preservation of wildlife and the wilderness, both land and sea. Through the power of an online community donating as little as twelve dollars a month, she intends on raising funds to not only work locally but to create funding for mass purchases of land (and aquatic regions) for rehabilitation and sanctuaries, globally.

Deborah’s Message: “I am teaching others how to have successful futures that are free from the sometimes heartbreaking disappointments of the past,” said Deborah, who shares her “Whole Wealth Method” during individual One On One sessions, Group Presentations, Workshops / Retreats and Keynote Performances. “Success isn’t possible if we allow negative past experiences to impede our unlimited potential. The problem is however that we don’t realize what’s really going on because it feels like that’s just the way life is, because that’s how we’ve come to know it. This is where the work is. Releasing the past, it’s hurts and struggles is what is required to really achieve whole life success.”

Her Journey: Deborah has walked through the fire and emerged from the flames with scars, but without fear. Always having the arts to turn to, Deborah discovered her healing first through her creativity. Amongst her past there was a serious illness that ultimately required 11 surgeries, the loss of two unborn children and dealing with infertility. She also was the victim, survivor and victor of a “a very violent crime” . And there came a day when she has to decide she had what it took just to get out of bed in the morning. It was then she realized she had to let go of hurts that were holding her back. Through self-study and much healing work she learned how to love, forgive and accept herself, while beginning to construct a promising future. She credits therapist Keith Saunders as being the first person to give her a glimpse of how to use her personal experiences and weaknesses (now strengths) to gain ground personally, financially and professionally which lead to her helping others. Over time and many uphill battles Deborah finally found her way and The “Whole Wealth Method” was born. One of the biggest turnarounds in Deborah’s professional life was when she applied the principles of her “Whole Wealth Method” to her financial life and went from earning less then 12K a year to over 360K in 16 months!

Background: Deborah grew up in Vancouver, Canada, as a highly recognized performer in the arts, studying at the Royal Conservatory of Canada and winning numerous awards. Her childhood music, dance, vocal studies and performances helped lay the framework for professional careers in business, music, literature, theatre, public speaking, and education. While in Los Angeles, she founded an interactive positive entertainment company, a workshop and seminar business that lead to a talk radio and tv talk show a theatre companies, and a highly lucrative personal development company.

Since moving to Nashville in 2005, she has helped hundreds of professionals and individuals to success; penned a book of affirmations, also the outline for the Whole Wealth Method Certification Course as well as her Signature System, Whole Wealth Breakthrough and follow up System C E O Program – Cultivate, Expand and Own. She has also created a powerful retreat entitled “For the Love of Money, Turning Your Money Woes into Money Wows and Wins; developed her acclaimed “One Woman Show” (based on the “Whole Wealth Method”); performed her music at numerous entertainment venues; and is getting ready to launch her “Self Esteem Tour in 2014.

Career Highlights: Singer, songwriter, pianist, guitarist, dancer and actor since childhood.

Actor, Vancouver Playhouse and Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver, early 1990s.

Demo singer and working artist with four band projects in Vancouver, mid-1990s.

Actor in commercials and independent films in Vancouver, mid-1990s.

Producer, live jazz music show, West End Pub in Los Angeles, late-1990s.

Actor, Hollywood TV, film and theatre communities, 1995-2005.

Performing country-pop musical artist, Pacific Coast region, 1995-2005.

Founded personal development company Way Out Women, Los Angeles, 1995.

Radio/TV talk show guest host, “Global Lightwave”, L.A., Seattle, N.Y. and Boston, 1995-1998.

Founded Brain Brew Entertainment interactive events company, Los Angeles, 1998.

Recorded award winning album “Just My Alibi”, Los Angeles, 2004.

Founded Right On Enterprises a Personal Development company, Los Angeles, 2004.

Founded Just Say International, which became Whole Wealth Global, a Personal Development, Positive Media and Entertainment Company and successful Private Practise in Nashville, 2005 to present.

Produced the YES Festival in Nashville, 2009.

Developed her brand as a Keynote Performer “Personal Development Performance Artist” produced and performed her “One Woman Show” and ” Whole Wealth Method” Certification Program in Nashville, 2007 to present day.

Executive Director / Editor for Conscious Nashville, A Global Hub for Positive Media. 2011 to Present.

Founder of Spiritual Light Theater, connecting through creativity. 2012 to present.

Recording new album, Inspirational genre, Acoustic EP. Ongoing, Nashville and Los Angeles. 2011-2013.

The Arts: Deborah is a critically acclaimed recording artist, composer, actor, author, writer and poet. Her first album, “Just My Alibi”, was named the “Best Independent American Album” in the 2005 Los Angeles Music Awards. She celebrated with a special performance at the CMA Festival in Nashville. She received praise as a leading actor in the independent film “First Cousins Once Removed”. An award-winning poet, she has written and produced plays for various theatre companies and served as a columnist for The National Singles Journal.

Appearances: Appearances (speaking, teaching and/or performance) include the Palette Gallery in Nashville, Tenn.; Phoenix Bookstore in Arizona; the New Age Bible and Theosophical Society in Los Angeles; various Rotary Clubs in the Los Angeles area; and Association in Los Angeles; the U.S. Navy, various Rehab Centers, and Safe Houses, and corporate training and team building performances in Greece (with the artist formally known as Baby Face) and in Hawaii as well as across the nation.

Counseling: As an intuitive life coach practicing her YES Method and healing arts practitioner, she has counseled hundreds of people to fuller lives, more successful business, better health and wealth on every level.

The Future: The artist/speaker’s mission is to take her message to a worldwide audience while also developing a presence online and in the media. She is currently booking speaking / key note performances, scheduling workshops and retreats as well as presenting Tele-Seminars and release new music to the world.

Education: Music Studies, Royal Conservatory of Canada Program.

Classical Ballet, Jazz and Modern Dance, Royal Conservatory Repertoire and other studios, Vancouver / LA.

Vocal training with Pacific Evergreen Youth Choir, and various coaches including Lis Lewis, Vancouver / LA

Acting Studies, Breck Academy, Stella Adler, David Legrant in Vancouver / LA.

Preliminary Law Studies, Vancouver City College.

Creative Writing, Vancouver City College.

Years of Therapeutic Studies in neural linguistics, cognitive therapy techniques, cognitive and accountability coaching practices, color therapy, sound/vibrational healing, kinesiology, energy techniques, apaula healing, eastern and east indian as well as native american practices and the I AM Teachings.

Contact: Deborah Bishop, Just Say Yes International, Nashville, TN; Phone: (615) 376-9905 or (800) 582 2772 E-Mail: