Dee Dee O’Malley

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Nominee at the 10th annual LA Music Awards

“I felt something stir in the deepest reaches of my inner being while watching her perform. Deedee O’Malley and her wonderful music reminds us all that the soul is eternal and that earth is just a stop over on a much longer journey towards ever lasting oneness with the universe.” -Al Bowman (President of The Los Angeles Music Awards)

Los Angeles Music Awards Singer/Songwriter of the Year
Three time winner of The John Lennon Songwriting Contest
Star 98.8 Lilith Fair Winner
# 1 Indie artist of the year by Music Connection Magazine
Perfect Score LA Music awards – Album: “Beautiful L.A”
Winner of The VHI Songwriting Competition
Best Actress (3 years) Hofstra University
About Deedee …

Deedee is a Los Angeles based singer-songwriter, author of the bestselling, interactive songwriting book 10 Easy Steps To Writing A Song and recent recipient of the Los Angeles Music Awards Singer Songwriter of the Year.

She has opened for Glen Campbell, Stephen Bishop, Al Stewart. Deedee has shared the stage with LeAnn Rimes, Patti LaBelle, Willie Nelson and Kenny Rogers.

With a catalog of over a thousand songs, a dynamic history of hundreds of live performances and industry-wide raves from Sheryl Crow, rock god Billy Sheehan and Nancy Cartwright (aka the voice of Bart Simpson), it might seem hard to pinpoint a single moment that captures the deep emotional impact that singer, songwriter and all around musical Renaissance woman Deedee O’Malley has on her audience.

Adapting her strong entrepreneurial skills to the ever changing currents of today’s music industry, Deedee has created a compelling batch of songwriting tip videos as an extension of her many years of being one of Los Angeles’ most sought after songwriting instructors. Viewers who like these should check out her bestselling, interactive songwriting book “10 Easy Steps To Writing A Song,” a highly interactive manual that Billy Sheehan says “has the power to rehabilitate an artist at any level of success.”

Deedee not only helps others tweak their songs into perfection, she produces their music and brings it up to the highest audio industry standards with a team of amazing arrangers, producers and session cats.

Since Deedee was a kid, all she wanted to do was make people smile. And since she wrote her first song at 13, she knew that she wanted to make music that would wake people up, make them laugh and smile.