Denial Method

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Recipient – Alternative Rock Band of the Year – 2008 Phoenix Music Awards – 18th Annual LA Music Awards

Band Members
Kent McCray, Rob Phister, Matthew Schultz, Dan Shilling, Curt McCray
Phoenix, AZ
After experiencing moderate success with a few Arizona-based bands (Misled, Tetrad, Exit 713, Zero Reflexion), brothers Curt and Kent McCray, along with guitarist Dan Shilling (also known within the band as “Shelly”), sought to start a new musical project. Curt happened upon Matt Schultz, a New England transplant, in an online music forum. Matt auditioned with Curt, Kent and Shelly in August 2005. The three instantly recognized his talents, and Matt was offered the vocalist role shortly thereafter.

Although the band now had a vocalist, guitarist, bassist and drummer, it was evident the musical mix needed one more piece. Curt had actually tried to reach Rob Pfister (Obsidian, Face at the End) about the band’s open vocalist position some weeks prior but had not heard back. As fate would have it, Rob eventually contacted Curt and informed him he would be interested in playing guitar for the band. Rob auditioned a short time later, and Denial Method’s lineup was officially set.

Denial Method enjoyed progressive success during their first two years together. In August 2007, the band recorded their debut album The Surface and the Vision with renown Arizona music producer Larry Elyea at Mind’s Eye Digital Recording Studio. Denial Method officially released The Surface and the Vision in March 2008. The album and the band’s impressive live show ultimately won them the Alternative Rock Band of the Year award at the Phoenix Music Awards later that year. The success was short-lived, however, as the various band members agreed an indefinite hiatus was necessary in 2009.

Denial Method officially re-formed in February 2012. Reinvigorated, reunited and rejuvenated, the band once again started writing new music with the goal of exploring musical creation without any added outside pressures or distractions. The result has been a much more well-rounded and inspirational mix of new songs as compared to their darker roots. Teaming up once again with Larry Elyea at Mind’s Eye Digital Recording Studio, Denial Method recorded songs in 2013 and 2014. Denial Method officially released their second studio album, entitled “dm”, on Halloween, 2014.
Phoenix Music Awards: 2008 Alternative Rock Band of the Year