Denise Vasquez

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Nominee for Independent Female VocalistĀ of the YearĀ at the 14th annual LA Music Awards

“Denise Vasquez takes the standard Singer/Songwriter formula and adds elements of jazz, classic rock…a unique and engaging sound…a songwriter with an ear for melody…her strong voice is the focal point of her sound…really good songs in her repetoire”
– Ben Nachman, Music Connection Magazine

Award Winning Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist Denise Vasquez was influenced by music, dance, acting & art at a very early age. Denise began singing from the time she could talk, dancing from the time she could walk, and writing from the moment she could form a sentence. Her first experience on stage was at the age of 4 with “Ms. Dorothy’s Dance Troupe” at Lincoln Center. Throughout elementary, she had the opportunities to perform again at Lincoln Center with her chorus. In Junior High, she performed at Avery Fisher hall as a violinist with an orchestra her teacher put together with hand selected students from her class. After graduating High School, Denise enrolled in The Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute where she studied acting and began seriously persuing the theatre. She’s had the pleasure of performing in: Off Broadway productions (NYC), Improv & Sketch Comedy groups (NYC), Feature Films, TV , as well as dancing in some Music Videos. See Acting page & IMDb to learn more about Denise’s Acting Career.
“Her upbeat & optimistic lyrics are delivered on flowing melodies with a unique voice that has undeniable conviction & feeling!”
-Dani Barnard, Music Connection Magazine

Over the years Denise’s hard work & talents has helped her acquire some great sponsors: Daisy Rock Guitars, Audix Microphones, G7th Capos, Sakura, HK Holbein and more! Regarding her sponsors, Denise says “I use and support products I really believe in! Performing for Daisy Rock Guitars & AUDIX Microphones at their booths over the years at The NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA were experiences I will never forget! I love playing my Butterfly Bubinga Acoustic/Electric Daisy Rock Guitar every day & I use my Audix OM6, OM5 or Audix VX10 every chance I get when I perform!

“Her voice is bluesy at it’s core and sweet at heart. If you didn’t know any better you’d think she was the love child of Aaron Neville & Jewel. Denise Vasquez owned the stage. Her warmth, charming personality & absolute joy in performing completely enchanted the packed venue. On this night she was truly a star.”
-Bernard Baur, Music Connection Magazine

Denise has been a proud member of ASCAP as a writer & as a self publisher (Social Butterfly Music) since 2001. She continues writing and working on mastering herself & her craft every day! Her favorite educational musical moments in life to date have been studying at “Song School” in Denver Colorado with Steve Seskin, Vance Gilbert, Peter Himmelman & more! Denise was beyond inspired by Tim Bomba during a “Just Plain Folks” workshop. She said “Tim challenged 20 of us to turn off everything for 7 days and write 7 songs in 7 days…I think 2 of us accomplished this…two of the songs I wrote during the challenge “Right Here In My Dream” and “Take A Look On The Brightside” ended up on my third album “Frame Of Mind!”

“Blending elements of rock, country, and a myriad of other spicings, Denise Vasquez’s music possesses an earthy, soothing, quality that is engaging.”
-Albert Vega, Music Connection Magazine

Recognized by the Recording Academy during the GRAMMY NOMINATIONS for her third album “Frame Of Mind” 2006, Nominated for BEST INDIE FEMALE VOCALIST 2004 BY THE LA MUSIC AWARDS, FIVE TIME WINNER of the ASCAP PLUS PERFORMING SONGWRITERS AWARD(2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007), SELECTED BY MUSIC CONNECTION MAGAZINE TO BE ON THEIR HOT 100 UNSIGNED ARTIST LIST FOR 6 CONSECUTIVE YEARS, Denise Vasquez brings her big heart and unique mix of music to audiences around the world. Denise has been featured LIVE on KCLA 99.3 FM, KWSS 106.7 FM, VM UNDERGROUND, KPFK 90.7 FM “ARTS IN REVIEW” and 88.5 FM “TIED TO THE TRACKS”.
“Denise wowed them with her insightful and introspective lyrics and vocals that ranged from deep and seductive to sweetly fluttering-often in the same line. The picture of feminine charm, she graciously invited us to accompany her on her life journey.”
-Cyhndi Mora, All Access Magazine

Denise has been compared to Janis Joplin meets Jewel, but Denise writes and sings from her own soul. Her considerable vocal range and songwriting talents have earned her the praise of critics and the industry alike. Denise was selected to be a FEATURED ARTIST in WESTLAKE RECORDING STUDIO’S ARTIST DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM. “That was yet another dream come true!!! Walking into Westlake was so overwhelming, knowing the history of icons that have recorded there!”In addition to “Frame Of Mind”, Denise has released two other albums on her own “Fighting Darkness” & “Live In One Take” which are both LIVE albums. “Frame Of Mind” is Denise’s first studio album.
“Vasquez possesses an amazingly flexible voice that is as sexy and throaty as Janis Joplin one moment and as playful as a bird the next, not unlike singer Jewel. Vasquez could trademark the way she accents her high notes with a delicate trill that sounds more like it’s being produced by a flute than by human vocal chords.”

-Dani Barnard, Music Connection Magazine

Denise is a passionate singer, songwriter, guitarist, who has performed live over the years quite extensively. Denise is an artist with a cause and has organized & performed in 9 music festivals for WO+MEN 4 A CAUSE as well as for other charity events/fundraisers (Relay For Life, i2Y, Worldfest, South Central Farm AiD, HUNAB, World Vegan Day, Peace Fest…). Denise has performed in some of the most respected venues worldwide including: JediCon (Germany), The Cavern Club (Liverpool, UK), The Dublin Castle (Camden UK), Under The Boardwalk (Sheffield UK), Coffee Evolution (Huddersfield UK), The Bitter End (NYC), The Duplex (NYC), Roses Turn (NYC), The Coffee Gallery Backstage (CA), The El Rey Theatre (CA), The Roxy (CA), The Gig (CA), The Joint (CA), The Mint (CA), The Hard Rock Cafe (CA), Borders Bookstores (throughout CA), Harvelles (CA), Genghis Cohen (CA), Molly Malones (CA), El Guapo Cantina (CA), The Viper Room (CA), Room 5 (CA), Cafe Cordiale (CA), El Cid (CA), Santa Clarita Seafood Co (CA), Tempest (CA), Cafe Bella (Ventura), Zoeys Cafe (Ventura), Key Club (CA), Tangier (CA), The Derby (CA), The Crooked Bar Under The Coconut Teaszer (CA), Caffiends Lounge (San Diego), Dipiazza’s Lounge (Long Beach, CA), Monsoon Cafe (Santa Monica, CA), The Martini Lounge (OC) Mais Cafe (Ventura), The Cat Club (CA), The Rainbow (CA), Highland Grounds (CA), Top Fuel Kawfee House (CA), The Gypsy Den (Santa Ana, CA), On The Rox (CA), Caneel Bay (USVI), Westin Resort (USVI) , Tillet Gardens (USVI), Mongoose Junction Courtyard (USVI), Olive ‘R Twist (USVI), Panini Beach (USVI), Skinny Legs (USVI), The Beach Bar (USVI), The St John Club (USVI), Seabreeze (USVI), and much more.
“Denise Vasquez was very well received by the crowd at “The Duplex” on Christopher Street with a performance of her very own material in her “Observations” and evening of original Music. Some were even mesmerized by her poetic childlike demeanor and angelic voice”

Having grown up between NYC and the Virgin Islands, Denise proudly incorporates all of her experiences as an actress (TV, Film, Theatre, Music Videos) as well as a dancer, poet, painter, violinist, guitarist, singer in her life as well as her music. She has travelled extensively living in places like Scotland, London, The US Virigin Islands, and now Los Angeles.

“Thanks to my mom who raised my sister & I on her own- for showing us through her challenges that if you believe, work hard, focus, treat others as you would like to be treated, stay true to yourself and your dreams, to keep faith, and never, never give up…believe…the power of the mind! I’ve been through many ups and downs in this life…what a rollercoaster ride…I’m now at the point in my life, where everything kind of makes sense…everything that I have experienced has led me to be the woman I am today!”

These experiences have led Denise to be a spirit that is deep, pure and real. Her songs speak of love, life and the pursuit of happiness. “My purpose is to share my life, help spread Peace, joy, love and understanding through sharing positive messages…I’ve learned I can by expressing my experiences through my art and my music…my music is all that I am!”

Denise is currently working on her 4th album so stay tuned!!!