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Best Male Vocal 1991

Dillinger band formed in LA in 1987 played all the rock venues of The Sunset Strip in Hollywood and theSan Fernando Valley, their heavy southern rock flair helped to gain a record deal with JRS records and charted to number 36 on the R & R charts. Their debut album from the 90’s Horses and Hawgs is a mix of Bad Company meets Lynyrd Skynyrd.
Their success included a MTV videos “Home for Better Days” and “Can it be Love”. A movie with the songs Named “Can it Be Love”. Movie and TV credits included their songs on the TV series “Profiler’, and Super bowl half time. and the movie “The Kid”. Live tours included tours with, Joe Walsh, Boston, Danger Danger, ….
The band is currently working on new music that embraces a “Back to the Music” vibe of classic rock.