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Juice Crew, Kool G Rap
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Kool G Rap and DJ Polo
Juice Crew producer, and Mr. Magic, DJ Marley Marl knew Polo, and allowed him and G Rap to go to his studio to do a demo, which resulted in the song “It’s a Demo.” The song was written and recorded in one night, and had Marley so impressed, that he instantly embraced Kool G Rap and DJ Polo as Juice Crew members (it’s worth noting that this was the first time G Rap had ever met Marley.) In 1986 on Mr Magic’s Rap Attack radio show on 107.5, the duo got their first exposure which created more buzz. They eventually released “It’s a Demo” as a single with “I’m Fly”, along with two more singles. Shortly after this, Kool G Rap appeared on the Juice Crew’s classic posse cut ‘The Symphony’ before they released their debut album, Road to the Riches in 1989. This album and their two later albums, Wanted: Dead or Alive (1990) and Live and Let Die (1992), are highly regarded and considered Hip-Hop classics. Eventually in 1993, Kool G rap parted ways with DJ Polo in pursuit of a solo career. But recently they have reunited after 17 yrs..