Dominique Davalos (Drag)

Highlight Reel

Nominated for Bassist of the Year –  13th Annual LA Music Awards



This web site is a way to let you know what Dominique is up to with respect to her recording and performance schedule.

Dominique has been performing since childhood. As an actress, she has appeared in such movies as “A Woman Under The Influence” and “Salvation”. As a rocker, she has been in many bands over the last decade, such as God’s Hotel and the Keenen Ivory Wayans Show Band, and in the present with the Delphines and Drag.

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Dominique kicking ass during a Drag show at Club Lingerie.

Dominique Davalos is American rock singer and bass player formerly in the band Dominatrix who’s controversial music video single “The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight”, released in 1984 was deemed too racy for its time. The track became a pioneering force in the freestyle genre, and was noted for its use of spoken lyrics. The song’s video, directed by Beth B., featured a fur and stocking-clad Dominique, and it was the imagery in the video set against the subject matter of the song that prevented it from becoming a mainstream success. Commercial radio stations banned the single, and MTV refused to air the risque video. In 2012, the video was placed on display in the contemporary art wing of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

Dominique worked with former Go-Go Kathy Valentine under the name The Delphines, they released two albums, The Delphines (1996) and Cosmic Speed (2001). Dominique and Kathy’s current band The BlueBonnets have released 2 albums to date, Boom Boom Boom Boom (2010) and Play Loud (2014). They are currently working on a new BlueBonnets album and touring. Dominique is also currently writing, singing and playing bass for her other Austin Texas born band SuperEtte who just completed recording their second EP. The first EP Yours Til The End was released in 2014.

As an actress, she best known for such films as Salvation!,[2] A Woman Under the Influence, Howard the Duck and Stump the Band.

As a bass player she has played bass for; The Keenen Ivory Wayans Show, Tito & Tarantula, Gods Hotel Featuring Spike From From The Quireboys.