Donna Owen

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1993 Recipient – Best Female Vocalist – 3rd Annual LA Music Awards

About Acoustic Perfume Music, The Mystrals, and Singer-Songwriter Donna Owen
Formerly a singer-songwriter- guitarist. I played in Cover Bands in Northern CA before moving to LA to attend Musician’s Institute.  Formed The Mystrals in 1990 with former partner Amy Crittenden, and later added Patti Ambs on Guitar (Amy and Patti Former MI students). Released Little Boys as a single on now defunct X/S records.  Wrote and recorded demos in 1991 and released 10 song CD, A Step Down from Luxury CD in 1992 in September of 1992. And put this out on our own label/ publishing company (ASCAP) called Acoustic Perfume Music.Toured colleges and Clubs in the Southwest US in Spring of 1993.  Recorded 4 Song Demo, Another Time, in 1994 with Barbara Degnan (now Leoni) on Guitar and L.J. Lawrence on Bass, Amy Crittenden on Drums which was released as a 6 song Cassette EP with 2 original songs that were recorded Live at Fair City in Santa Monica, with Barbara Degnan (Leoni) on Guitar, Leslie Baker on Bass, Amy Crittenden on Drums and Linda Flinkman on Keyboards. Re-releaseed Another Time as Another Times, Blues Redux in 2011 with  EP songs and 8 additional live cuts and the X/S Records single Little Boys, newly re-mastered as a full length CD, also on Acoustic Perfume Music.

Videos of the Mystrals featuring, performing live at the Whisky a – go-go with Barabra Degnan (Leoni) on Guitar and LJ Lawrence on Bass, and The Mystrals music video for the song, When it’s all been Told from A Step Down from Luxury CD featuring; Patti Ambs (Spadero) on guitar, Nancy Doyle on Bass and  Sonjah Hughes on Keyboards.  CD’s available through CD BABY, and our music is available to download form I tunes, sound-cloud and elsewhere.

My new life began when I visited the Ecclesia Gnostica in Hollywood in May of 1993, and was so moved after attending a Gnostic Mass, I started attending regularly. after 6 months I was Baptized and a year later Confirmed in this church, and shortly after that began to assist at the altar as a Lay server, officially entering minor orders as a Cleric in 1994.  At this time I was both serving in Minor orders and playing with the Mystrals.  We played locally at a flea market at Melrose HS, and has occasional in town and out of town gigs at colleges, benefits, fairs, public shows and private “casuals” (as they are called) in the Los Angeles, Riverside and Ventura areas, and in  December of 1996 we went on our first overseas tour hired by the  DOD entertainment office to perform for the overseas military and our allies in Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Macedonia and Iceland.  IN 1997, we were hired by the DOD again, this time to go to the Far East; Bahrain, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates; Dubai, and Abu Dhabi, as well as Diego Garcia.  We made two more DOD Tours after this, in 1998 to travel to Bosnia, Croatia, and Hungary, and in 1999 to Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece.

After returning in June from this last tour, I was ordained a Deacon in n July of 1999 year, and decided to devote myself more fully to the goal of becoming a Priest, as I felt that this was where I now wanted to be in my life. In October of 2001 I was ordained to the Priesthood in the Ecclesia Gnostica.I  am no longer involved with Ecclesia Gnostica. I left the Ecclesia Gnostica in 2013, I still function as a priest and have joined another church, I also celebrating mass frequently for several different communities..  For more about me or my current life and priesthood see my other Google or Facebook profile.