Doug Burkhammer

Live Performance

Door Host – 11th Annual LA Music Awards 2001

Production Assistant – 2007 Hollywood FAME Awards

Exterior Production Assistant – 21st Annual LA Music Awards

Al Bowman listen to my band!
by JoeC Sunday, Jul. 15, 2012 at 10:17 PM 304-916-2150 4005 sayre ave lot 6 parkersburg wv 26104
Hey al ive heard alot about you from my bass player Doug burkhammer we im 26 we just finished up our album and were are working on a song you wrote right now called “missing children” go to YouTube and type in joecasto25248 checkout my music my band is called suckerpunch I know you will like it lets get rich!!!! here’s a song I wrote and Emmy award winning Dave traugh produced Doug burkhammer on bass mike smith on guitar and me on vocals its called the bitter end