Drew Lawrence & the Allies

Nominated for Independent Pop ArtistĀ of the Year – 16th Annual LA Music Awards

Brian Simpson – Gtr.
Blake Paulson – Drums
Aaron Schwoerer – Bass
Drew Lawrence – Vocal – Piano
Do you play live?
We play all over the Hollywood area, keep checking back for event dates!
Band History:
Classically trained pianist, singer and songwriter Drew Lawrence’s music evokes the energy of classic rock artists such as Queen, Elton John, Billy Joel and U2 (yes, U2 should be classified as classic rock – they started 25 years ago!) The influences of modern artists such as Muse, Wilco, Ryan Adams, Jeff Buckley and Radiohead are also evident in Drew’s writing and performing. After graduating Berklee College of Music, during which time Drew performed up and down the East Coast, Drew moved to Los Angeles in 2004. In 2006 Drew formed the Allies with Brian Simpson on guitar, Aaron Schwoerer on bass and Blake Paulson on drums. Drew’s primary focus is songwriting, humbly inspired by such writers as Paul Simon, Ryan Adams, Billy Joel, The Beatles, Bob Dylan and countless others. Look for new music on this site soon!
Your influences?
radiohead, wilco, ryan adams, muse, coldplay, j. buckley, U2, Pearl Jam, Neil Young, The Who, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, McCoy Tynner, Bruce Hornsby, Bright eyes, Damien Rice, Beck, Snow Patrol, Ours, Queen, Oasis, The Black Crowes, Gun’s N Roses, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Incubus, Nina Simone, Miles Davis, Bill Evans… and many more
Favorite spot?
New York