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Guitarist Tom Farrell and violinist Javier Orman of Dúo del Sol have been called “avant-sonic acrobats” by LA Weekly and “exceptional genius” by I Am Entertainment Magazine. Their debut LP ‘hello Kaleidoscope’ was recently nominated for ‘Best Instrumental Album’ by the Independent Music Awards and the Latin American ‘Premios Graffiti’.
Javier Orman
Javier Orman

On stage, this firebrand duo takes no prisoners. They harness the raw energy of a rock band by wildly stretching their instruments beyond any traditional limits, mixing and engineering their unique sounds like two mad scientists. Their instruments become irrelevant and what’s left is evocative, powerful music.

“The guitar in Dúo del Sol is the drum set, the bass, the cello and the mandolin,” says Tom. “I continuously discover new sounds and new ways of approaching this instrument. This is my personal take on the guitar.”

Javier has a similar experience with the violin: “It’s my voice; it’s my way out. The violin is so close to the human voice, but it can also sound like an electric guitar or even a trombone at any moment, which makes playing it a really freeing experience.”
Tom Farrell
Tom Farrell

Javier was born in Israel but grew up in the artsy port-city of Montevideo, Uruguay. “Great music transports me to alternate universes,” explains Javier, “and lets me make sense of things. I’m addicted to powerful, expressive music.”

Tom’s musical beginnings started in Chicago. “Because I didn’t have a real guitar, I made one out of a tennis racket and rubber bands and jammed along to my favorite songs. At the time, I thought my tennis racket guitar sounded pretty good.”

They feel they finally found their voice in Dúo del Sol. Tom: “Like any other musicians, we want to make a living through our music, but we never let that take over: it’s all about the music.” Javier: “It’s about creating, innovating, and having fun. Those things are on a different level.”

“We’re community-made,” says Tom. “People from all backgrounds tell us how much our music has moved and changed them, and they feel they are a part of our group.” Javier adds, “The best thing is, we feel they are, too. We couldn’t do this without our supporters.”