E. Grizzly

Red Carpet Interview

E. Grizzly won the 2006 Independent Rap Artist of the Year at the 16th annual L.A. Music Awards. E. Grizzly’s album Hip hop is dead! was nominated for Best Breakthrough Album of the year for an independent artist at the 16th Annual L.A. Music Awards. E. Grizzly was on MTV2 doing a sucker freestyle about MLK which can be seen at http://www.mtv2.com/#series/20077. People often ask us whether Nas and Purto Roc were involved in each other’s work, since we have both released albums with the same title. We are not. But E. Grizzly and Puerto Roc Records are currently negotiating with Nas, Def Jam Records, and their affiliates to resolve any confusion over our album titles. What up. It’s Erik Grizzly, E. Grizzly for short, and instead of telling you what I am I’m going to tell you what I’m not. I’m not a killer. The only people I murder is MC’s on the mic. I’m not a baller. I drive a Ford Escort. I would get a new car but this one just won’t break down. I’m not a pimp. I don’t have hundreds of girls knocking on my door wanting to hop on my penis. I’m not chopping up blocks of crack at my house. I make conscious music, but i’m not a preacher. I just speak the truth and you can run with it any way you want. I basically speak for the people. I’ve been a hip-hop artist/songwriter since I was 14. I was born outside of Philly and in 2001 I was signed to an independent label called A Type Tactics. I got tired of the up north scene so I moved to Miami in 2003. I started making music with another independent label called Puerto Roc Records. We are the original Hip-hop is dead crew so don’t believe everything you hear. Every single song we make has a point, has meaning. Every song is given special attention because we want them all to be classics. Some times it don’t end up that way but thats the goal. And if you read this far down the bio then thats whats up.