Edward Lapple

Project Operator – 21st Annual LA Music Awards

20th L A Music Awards Showcase Event is June 23rd, 2010 at The Whisky a Go Go featuring Shane O’Brien.

The is Gig keeps on getting better and better by the day as the Shane O’Brien _ L. A. Music Awards Showcase Event of June 23 at the Whisky a Go Go approaches.
Danny Timms, highly regarded Stage and Studio musician, a hired gun, is orchestrating the back up band _ O’Briens Edge _ for the Whisky a Go Go Show. In addition Video General is sending their top dog _ Edward Lapple _ a six time Emmy award winner to direct the back ground video imagery for the show. More info to follow in days to come…

The set is written by Shane including the Video that will play in the back ground. Shane directed this video produced as the visual aid to the song “What’s Up With That?”. The result was a Live Audio Performance kicked up 10 fold by the images being sent home to everyone who was in the place. The Whisky’s audience loved to see as the band performed it’s intended audio track and thanks to the editing craft work by 6 time Emmy Award Winning Director Edward Lapple the music had a message simply too easy to understand. Instant clarity to a captive audience.