Edwin Molina

Keynote Address Speaker 1999 LA Music Awards

Advisory Board Member: for 9th annual LA Music Awards

I help businesses streamline their print and marketing collateral ordering system with a 24/7 always-on branded storefront solution that helps them;

* Reduce Cost
* Reduce Turn Around Times
* Maintain Brand Integrity
* Provide Local Relevance
* Better Support Multiple Offices

We are making print interactive with mobile and tablet devices as part of a cross media platform. This will include data-driven digital and personalized print, e-mail, SMS text messaging, Landing pages and Micro-sites. In addition,we use Social Media and a Real-Time analytical Dashboard to do things such as watch campaign results in Real-Time and make adjustments on the fly.


* Order Automation
* Collateral & Marketing Asset Management
* Print-On-Demand and Fulfillment
* Data-Driven Digital Print
* Variable Data Printing
* Image Personalization
* Dynamic Mapping
* Marketing Automation
* Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns
* Direct Mail , Email, and SMS Text Messaging
* PURL’s and Microsites
* Automated Response
* Social Media Integration
* Real-Time Analytics