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Nominated for Record of the Year – 20th Annual LA Music Awards “Question Marks”

Pasta, melodies and a bathtub were the main ingredients used by Italian-born singer/ songwriter/guitarist Elena Degl’Innocenti to create a unique recipe for her second music album. She literally immersed herself in a bathtub full of cooked pasta to encourage and entertain fans as they pledged and helped finance the making of her latest record. With the help of this playful fundraiser campaign and her fans she reached her goal.

“Precious Time” is Elena’s second record, it was completed with masterful production from Giulio Carmassi, multi-instrumentalist and pianist for the Pat Metheny Unity Group. Together they teamed up to create whimsical, intriguing melodies, reminiscent of a 70’s pop sound with strong Jazz influences. Thanks to Giulio’s arrangements filled with layers of horns and keyboard lines and Elena’s skillful song writing and smooth singing, this record is a mix of heartfelt ballads, lyrical story lines and playful upbeat tunes.

Elena’s previous record “Question Marks”, earned a nomination for Record of the Year from the LA Music Awards in 2010. Al Bowman, founder and director of the LA Music Awards, praised Elena’s first album, as “brilliantly conceived and produced”. “She is a storyteller with her music”, he said, and indeed she has more stories to tell.
Destined to come to Los Angeles, Elena left her familiar world in Florence, Italy. In her hometown she dabbled in music while studying psychology. Finally she couldn’t ignore her own longing to make music a more substantial part of her life. She became a foreigner in a new land, learned English, and just like that but not without some struggle, immersed herself in the LA music scene.

After studying voice at Musician’s Institute in Hollywood and studying Songwriting at UCLA, she loaned her Florentine flair to various projects before going solo. She spent 2006 on tour with Charlie Haden’s violinist and vocalist daughter Petra Haden, promoting Petra Haden and the Sellout’s vocalized version of the famous, “The Who Sell Out.” In 2007 and 2008 she recorded for the local girl band B is for Baroness and performed at the burgeoning Eagle Rock Music Festival among other venues. In 2010 and 2011 Elena toured with the reggae and soul dub outfit The Divine Crime, as they opened for reggae legends such as Yellowman, Bushman and Pato Banton, among others. Elena’s current side project is Peach & Knife, a duo with songwriter Molly White of B is for Baroness.

Elena Degl’Innocenti now performs with her band, “Elena and the Innocents.” She appropriately named the band as her last name’s English translation meaning “Of The Innocents.” She is joined by an array of exceptional musicians: Tom Brechtlein (Chick Corea, Wayne Shorter,Robben Ford), Travis Carlton (Larry Carlton, Scott Henderson), Giulio Carmassi (Will Lee, Emmy Rossum), Paulie Cerra (Lionel Richie) just to name a few.

The album’s title “Precious Time” was birthed from the time spent imagining, creating, and being in this life and being connected to the precious moments life offers everyday. Each song identifies a moment of clarity and led Elena to her own path of self-discovery, which she is now sharing with the world.
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