Eleven Eleven

Live Performance

Nominee at the 10th annual LA Music Awards

Eleven-Eleven won “Best Unsigned Artist” at the LA Music Awards.The core of the band consists of songwriters Barry Gibson, David George, Jeff George and Carter Cantrell. The band’s genre ranges from contemporary ballads to driving rock with a classic rock feel. The music is guitar focused with powerful drum beats and overlying melodic vocals.

The current band includes Barry Gibson (vocals), Jeff George (lead guitar, and bass), David George (guitar, bass, and keyboards), Randy McClung (Drums). Barry Gibson’s lead vocals are melodic and powerful. His voice is reminiscent of Robert Plant years ago. Jeff George’s lead guitar talent is outstanding, world class. His solos and fills are tasteful, unexpected and complex. David George’s guitar rhythms are sophisticated and his keyboard parts complete the Eleven-Eleven sound.

Eleven-Eleven has performed live throughout Ohio for years, primarily in Columbus and Southeastern Ohio. The band is currently focused on recording in their private studio, creating new, relevant songs. The band is interested in publishing material or obtaining our own recording deal (i.e., to either have a known artist perform some of our songs or obtaining a recording deal as Eleven-Eleven).

In April 2010, Eleven Eleven released a new CD called “Lost Angel.” This CD was Mastered by Marc DeSisto, a well known veteran eningeer in Los Angeles.

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