Elvis Schoenberg Orchestra

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  • Rock Opera of the Year – 13th Annual LA Music Awards

    Short Description
    Elvis Schoenberg’s Orchestre Surréal blends classical music, Classic Rock, Jazz, Hip-hop, movie music and just about anything else that Elvis Schoenberg, the groups founder and writer can wrap his twisted musical mind around.
    Long Description
    “In a city of copycats, The Orchestre Surreal stand out for their unique concept and daring ambition to invent a new genre…their 1930s jazz attitude applied to new and recreated songs is incredibly suave…their sound turns a club into the set of a James Bond film.” ~ Jessica Aves for Music Connection
    Current Location
    Los Angeles, CA
    Artists We Also Like
    Frank Zappa
    Press Contact
    Amanda Mosher ~ theorchestresurreal@gmail.com