Eric Rosenberg

accepted award for Shaquille oneal 6th annual la music awards – best athlete

BF Music – Graphic Artist

In my role as a Graphic Designer and Photoshop Artist on a movie or TV project I create items for the Art Department, Set Decoration, Props, and Wardrobe. I’ve designed for all time periods: past, present and future.

Graphic design projects include signs, logos, billboards, posters, package design, book & magazine covers, flooring, wallpaper, textiles, and fine art.

Photoshop projects include photo composites and retouching of actor’s images for use in props and set decoration as well as visualization of sets and artwork.

Throughout the year I work on multiple projects. Some for just a few days, others for two to six months.

I’m a member of IATSE Local 800, The Art Directors Guild, and United Scenic Artists Local 829 covering projects in the New York region.

Please visit my website to view an extensive array of my work.

e-mail: • Tel: (818) 522-5322 or (917) 836-9863
Member of the Art Directors Guild – Local 800 – IATSE
Member of United Scenic Artists – Local 829 – IATSE (NY Region)
In my role as a feature film’s Graphic Designer I create items for the Art Department, Set Decoration, Props, and Wardrobe that play within the film. This includes everything from signs, logos, billboards, posters, book jackets, magazine covers, to flooring, wallpaper, textiles, and fine art.
Over the course of my career I’ve designed for films of all periods, past, present and future. In addition to graphic design I also work extensively in Photoshop, both for visualization of sets and artwork, as well as photo composites and retouching of actor’s images.
I’m available for work wherever the project is located. Inquiries about projects outside of the film industry are always welcome.
10.22: My New York string of work continues with the HBO Pilot “Codes of Conduct” co-written and directed by Steve McQueen (“12 Years A Slave”, “Shame”). This follows a three month stint on the Jonathan Levine directed “Untitled XMAS Project which stars Seth Rogen, Joseph Gordon Leavitt and Anthony Mackie, and a couple of weeks on Marvel’s new series for Netflix, “Daredevil”.
06.20: I’m proud to be the showcased member of the Art Directors Guild for the next week!
05.14: The show has been picked up to series, production will remain in Atlanta where the Pilot was shot.
03.17.14: I’ve been working for several weeks on this new TV Pilot episode from Amblin Television and ABC Studios. The hour long drama is an American version of a Spanish series about teens with serious illness who bond while living in the teen ward of a large Los Angeles hospital. The series stars Academy Award winner Octavia Spencer. The production is currently in it’s second week of filming in Atlanta, GA (Damn those state tax incentives). Fortunately I’m doing my work from home in sunny L.A. where we just enjoyed a morning jolt from a 4.4 earthquake!
04.12.13: An article I’ve written focusing on the many graphics projects I’ve done for music themed film projects has just been published as the cover story of the latest issue of PERSPECTIVE, the magazine of the Art Directors Guild. You can view the April-May 2013 issue online or download the entire issue in PDF form, just click on the magazine cover or download link once you land on the web page:
You can learn more about my role in an interview I did with
Prior to working in movies and television I spent 5 years in New York designing and art directing for magazines including Business Week, Personal Computing, and Us Weekly.

November 9, 2013: I’ve been working on the feature film McFARLAND starring Kevin Costner and Maria Bello. The film is being directed by New Zealander Niki Caro who is known for WHALE RIDER. The film is set in 1987 and tells the true story of how football coach Jim White switched gears and created a championship cross country running team with the children of immigrant Central Valley California farm workers. Not only did it change these students lives but as the years went on cross country racing became an institution at McFarland High School. The film is being designed by the award winning Richard Hoover.
August, 2013: I completed work on the second and third episodes of this new drama on CBS TV. Projects for EP102 featured a brand new signage system for the show’s hospital set which was a completely redesign by Production Designer Vaughan Edwards. Other projects included phone and computer screen graphics and a wide array of props and signs. I’ll be posting this work, much of which didn’t make the final cut very soon.
April 11, 2013: I’ve just finished work on “The Blacklist”, a one hour FBI crime drama pilot produced by Sony Television for NBC. The pilot was directed by Joe Carnahan (“The Grey”) and stars James Spader (“Boston Legal”), Megan Boone (“Blue Bloods”), Diego Klattenhoff (“Homeland”), Harry Lennix (“Commander in Chief”), and Ryan Eggold (“90210″).
February 1, 2013: “House of Cards” is available on Netflix today, and I’ve added my photo composite work from this project to the site. You can also see some of the digital restoration I did to artwork used throughout the Capitol office sets. All tolled I worked on over 100 pieces of art over the course of nine weeks last spring.
May 25, 2012: I’ve just finished my work on David Fincher’s American adaptation of the 1990 British political series “House of Cards”. I retouched and restored over a hundred works of art and photography for the series Capitol and Newspaper office sets, and have been doing quite a bit of photo composite work as well. The series will stream on Netflix in 2013, it stars Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright.
July 9, 2012: I’ve recently wrapped up work on this film recreation of the early history of the infamous New York rock club CBGB, birthplace of punk. This marks my seventh music project (six films and one TV special), it’s really quite amazing that all these have come the way of this music geek over the years! My contributions included numerous recreations period signs, and of course the club’s famous awning lettering circa 1976 as well as what came before. As someone who went to the club as a teenager in the late 1970’s it’s really a thrill to be able to contribute to this film. Unfortunately for me the movie is being shot down in Savannah, Georgia and I’m in L.A., so won’t get to see the recreation in person, however the film does have a neat tumbler site with plenty of photos:, and there are numerous photos of the club’s exterior set that can be found by searching for images of it on Google.
PLEASE NOTE: As stated on each project page of this site, all images within are owned and under copyright of the studios that produced each film or show.