Even Rude

Highlight Reel

nominated for outstanding modern rock artist 9th annual LA Music Awards

Even Rude is a Los Angeles based alternative rock band. They formed in 1996 and have spent the last 4 years writing music, touring and recording. Their third CD is currently in production and is scheduled to be released this fall.

Along with King, who hails from Michigan, the band includes two Californians, guitarist Cake and bassist Dave ‘D-Dubs’ Wadsworth, who hooked up while Cake was producing tracks for Wadsworth’s former band, Dimestore Hoods. King, ‘fresh off the boat’ from the Midwest, met his band mates in 1996 at a rehearsal studio in Los Angeles. Even Rude’s drummer, Ric Roccapriore is a native of New England who joined the band almost immediately after arriving in L.A. in the fall of 1999.

The band has been embraced by the extreme sports community, having played live at both the X-Games and the Gravity Games. Even Rude’s songs have been featured on the Gravity Games Summer Two Thrills and Spills video, Board Wild on the Surf channel, Blue Torch on Fox Sports and the Extreme Freestyle Moto-X Challenge. TV, videos and the Internet are all bringing the band’s grinding, crunching, grooved-based alternative rock called ‘bump’ to fans across the nation.