Fallen Martyr

Music Video

2010 Producers Choice Award – Metal Album of the Year – 20th Annual LA Music Awards

Start Date
Founded on May 1, 2004
Band Members
J. Ryan Rawlings – Vocals
Gabriel Luis – Guitar
Joe Martin – Guitar
Jake Ford – Drums
Doug Albers – Bass

Washington, DC
Short Description
Our return is forthcoming.
Long Description
“Fallen Martyr is a band in which helps redefine metal, and the technicality it has to offer. There is not one genre that this band could be labeled as, due to their perfection in so many metal genres. Shadows is an album that should be on every true metalhead’s wish list, and the first album to be purchased.” – 9/10 Der Metal Krieger

“It’s exactly this talent that created albums like “Operation : Mindcrime” (Queensryche), “When dream and day unite” (Dream Theater), “The Devil’s Hall Of Fame” (Beyond Twilight), “Altered reflections” (Darkology) and Outworld’s perfect debut . When a band succeeds in creating such masterpieces they can reach the hands of God… Fallen Martyr is on its way” – 90/100 Metal To Infinity

“The band has a sound that’s tough to classify, as they can swing from the most intense and furious almost black metal to intricate technical thrashing to somber and atmospheric, often within the span of a single song. However you want to categorize the band, Shadows is an album that’s impossible to forget.” – 9.5/10 HardrockHaven.com
Fallen Martyr are a prime example of when inspiration gives way to experimentation. Formed in Maryland in 2004 by bassist Doug Albers and guitarist Gabriel Luis, Fallen Martyr have set out to create music that is not only crushingly heavy, but also maintains a high level of melody and intricate structure.

Fallen Martyr are a metal band that aren’t just trying to be the most extreme, but pushing to be the most musically proficient as they can be. Rounded out by second guitarist Joe Martin, drummer Jake Ford and classically trained front man J. Ryan Rawlings, F.M. have already toured and played with some of heavy’s heavyweights since the release of their six song E.P. “The Six Roots of True Will” (re-released as a special edition with two new tracks in 2010). They also took part in the first ever Metal As Art Tour in the United States during the winter of 2010 with Starring Janet Leigh , Hypno5e and Woe of Tyrants.
In 2011 the band began to work on new material; the main goal was to put even more emphasis on the ‘experimental’ side of FALLEN MARTYR, and in January 2010 the band entered the studio to record their debut Full Length album, “SHADOWS”, which was then sent of to be mixed and mastered by Greg Macklin (Jeff Loomis, Ex-System Divide), Artwork was created by Felipe Machado who has also designed for clients such as LucaFilms, Ltd and Blind Guardian.SHADOWS was Licensed and released by indie metal label SIEGEN RECORDS in May of 2012 and has received high praises from RockHard Magazine, Hardrock Haven and more. Fallen Martyr have already received the kind of acclaim that some of the major label golden boys have, due to an old fashioned work ethic and desire to improve with each passing day. With that kind of determination, there will be nothing but big things on the horizon for Fallen Martyr.
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