Famous Case

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Live Performance

2012 Nominee – Hard Rock Band of the Year – 22nd Annual LA Music Awards

The grimy streets of Los Angeles has given birth to yet another band of epic proportions – Famous Case.

Famous Case is made up of vocalist Dylan Falcon, lead guitarist Trevor Fraisse, rhythm guitarist Nigel Hastings, bassist Kyle Dion and drummer Nick Munoz. Each band member brings something new to the table, and the end result is the sick and twisted epitome of Hardcore Metal.

Famous Case was founded by Dylan Falcon and Nick Munoz, late 2010/early 2011. After the initial jam session, the two decided to take their ideas seriously, and from the there the band snowballed, quickly recruiting Trevor Fraisse and Kyle Dion – and eventually snagging Nigel Hastings on guitar. Though a fairly new band, their musical style is far from unprofessional – they have the high intensity, crisp sound of bands with several years on their resume, and they are only getting better. In listening to songs such as “Tempest,” which captures the pure essence of betrayal after trust, to “Hello, Cruel World,” you will be surprised at the sound quality and pure emotion they put into their music.

With lyrics that range from the painfully honest and blunt realities of day-to-day life, to the surreal future we have ahead Famous Case holds no limit as to what they feel should be communicated. It is entirely up to their fans whether they have a heart strong enough to hear it.


We are: Hardcore/Metalcore/Alternative


Dylan Falcon – Vocals
Nick Munoz – Drums
Trevor Fraisse – Guitar
Kyle Dion-Bass
Nigel Thorton-Guitar