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1997 Nominee – Independent Album of the Year – 7th annual LA Music Awards “Fatology”

There are quite a few bands with this name:

Fata Morgana, a band with a name rooted in Celtic mythology, will have a record release party for their new CD, “Fatology,” Saturday night at the Rock in Canoga Park.

The band started out about seven years ago with the name Mirage but morphed into Fata Morgana about four years ago. Interestingly enough, Fata Morgana is a type of mirage, reflected on the surface of the sea, that’s named for Morgan le Fay, the mysterious sorceress of the King Arthur legends.

1. Stargazer (4:37)
2. Søk Din Ånd (5:41)
3. A Forest Path (4:17)
4. Fata Morgana (9:09)
5. Distant Thunder (5:59)
6. The Last Rainbow King (5:24)
7. Purple Sky (4:18)

Total Time 39:25

– Mortiis / Everything
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Released by Dark Dungeon Music.