LA Music Awards 1999

Francine is an indie rock band from Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Francine was founded by Clayton Scoble, who previously performed with Til Tuesday and Aimee Mann, and was a member of Poundcake and Colortone. He assembled the group towards the end of 1997 and soon after self-released a few solo demo tapes. The newly formed band then released an EP and a full-length album on the Massachusetts indie label Q Division Records. A second album followed in 2003. The group received positive reviews but did not tour nationally behind the album. In 2006, the group released a third album, entitled Airshow.

The Francine song, “Albany Brownout”, was used by Fox network’s series The O.C. in January, on episode 3.11, “The Safe Harbor”.

Francine is currently[when?] working on an as-yet-untitled fourth album.

Francine has appeared on various tribute recordings, including one to Kim Deal and one to the dBs.

Pop Warner EP (Q Division Records, 2000)
Forty on a Fall Day (Q Division, 2000)
28 Plastic Blue Versions of Endings Without You (Q Division, 2003)
Airshow (Q Division, 2006)

There is also a finish band that formed in 1987 called Francine