1994 – 4th Annual LA Music Awards

There are multiple possibilities for GASH

1. Boston d-beat raw punk with one demo tape out so far

2. A punk band. (“A versatile band who have mastered several genres although the essence of their craft is thought-provoking songs. Sometimes they echo the glories of past punk masters. Sometimes they plough the same political furrow as the New Model Army.”)

3. A now defunct japanese indie-rock band

4. A German krautrock band featured on the Nurse With Wound list who released one album “A Young Man’s Gash” on the German label Brain in 1972.

5. An Australian punk band active in the mid-80’s, hailing from Melbourne. They released four own releases and were featured on several compilations.

6. A UK based dubstep producer.

Gash (UK punk band) [1997]

Artwork for Virgin’ On the RidiculousVirgin’ On the Ridiculous (2002)
Artwork for A Day Off for the ConscienceA Day Off for the Conscience (2002)
Caffeine Fuelled (1998)
Artwork for 7 Years7 Years
Gash (Australian punk band)
Gash (German progressive rock band) [1972]
Gash (Breakcore producer Ashton Le B from Brighton, Britain (UK))

Breakcore producer Ashton Le B from Brighton, Britain (UK)