Gavin Washburn

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Producers Choice Recipient – Rock Drummer of the Year – 2008 Phoenix Music Awards – 18th Annual LA Music Awards

Headroom is an intoxicating rock n’ roll elixir where mingling swanky southern blues rock with sophisticated modern rock grooves is the name of the game.
Headroom is an intoxicating rock n’ roll elixir mingling swanky southern blues rock with sophisticated modern rock grooves with grit and soul. Founded by bassist Derek Axman (formerly of: Arms of the Sun and SoulDriver) and drummer Gavin Washburn (formerly of: Purefix and Ryan Sims and the Identity) in the Fall of 2004 they allied with guitarist Dan Buitron (formerly of: Hyon) and vocalist Travis Boltz in the Fall of 2005 to officially form the band Headroom.

Since their formation in Phoenix, AZ these guys have been honing their chops on numerous stages in venues across the Southwest, giving audiences their money’s worth with electric live performances. Headroom released their debut CD “Radio Cries” in SEPT 2011 and already it has received Outstanding Debut Release from the Phoenix Music Awards, been nominated for an LA Music Awards – Rock Album of the Year, and continues to receive critical acclaim from numerous industry critiques.

The band’s sound is unique and far reaching, embracing elements of popular artists that span decades. It’s like Led Zeppelin meets Big Wreck and Queens of the Stone Age at 5am for milk shakes at The Mondrian.

Early on Headroom set out to write and record as many songs as possible with no rules or boundaries and having no two songs sounding alike. The result is stirring music that explores the sonic spectrum with inspiration and poise. Headroom is manifesting a new frontier in rock with syncopated rhythm, heart-retching melodies, soaring vocals portraying a curiously real romance that foreshadows a future veiled in being and a mystery in lights.

Live performances can be infatuating hemorrhaging with machismo and style; weaving with alluring reverence and realism. A kaleidoscope of character and attitude abounds in this group transcending the ordinary with intuitive songwriting and relevant storytelling that resonates with their fans.

Currently Headroom can be heard in over 32 countries including; Afghanistan, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Chili, China, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Nepal, New Zealand, Pakistan, Russian Federation, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, The Philippines, The United Kingdom, Taiwan, Turkey and the Ukraine!

This artist is writing songs one after the next that get stuck in your head instantly… watch out Headroom is truly unforgettable.

It’s like Led Zeppelin meets Big Wreck and Queens of the Stone Age at 5 am for milk shakes at The Mondrian.
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music and life.
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Basic Info
Travis Boltz – vocals
Dan Buitron – guitars and vocals
Derek Axman – bass guitars and vocals
Gavin Washburn – drums, percussion, and vocals
Phoenix, AZ
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Not Labeled
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Gavin Washburn
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Phoenix, AZ