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2012 Nominee – Hip Hop Artist of the Year – 22nd Annual LA Music Awards

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Me and Yo Momma, No really.
Hollywood, California, USA
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VA Entertainment
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About Yo Momma
Those who have survived the unforgiving darkness of unoriginal music over the past few years, there’s now a promise of a new era of music. Every so often, in the world of music, an act emerges like a beacon of light, proudly proclaiming its uniqueness, its disinterest in the norm, and its potential for sparking a sonic revolution. In 2006, just like with The Fugees and the Black Eyed Peas, a new era in urban music will be ushered in thanks to a group fittingly known as LSA (Latin Supremo Allstars) Composed of Geoff Antonio, Sara Adele, and Sauce. The bilingual Latino trio fuses hip-hop, pop, and Latin influences for a unique, singing/rapping fusion-heavy sound that celebrates Latinos’ rich cultural heritage while also inviting non-Latinos to share in the festivities. Their innovative Thump/Universal Records debut promises to unify English-only, Spanish-only, and bilingual Latinos, and to address the interests of today’s generations of multicultural urbanites.

Each of the group’s members come from interesting backgrounds. Geoff Antonio started singing and guitar as a kid living in the Washington D.C. and Virginia Beach area. Geoff earned local respect for his style of production assisting Teddy Riley and The Neputnes in the studio. Initially playing bass in a band called Hybrid Theory now known as Linkin Park, Geoff emersed himself in the Los Angeles music scene. Aside from his growing reputation as a magnetic peformer, receiving accolades within the LA market due to his work fronting hip-hop band iLL fUNK nATion, for which he peformed to packed houses on the from the Sunset Strip to the hip neiborhoods of Los Feliz and Silver Lake. But the key to Geoff’s creative destiny lay in Downtown LA where he formed the initial lineup for LSA. Geoff produced, performed all the instruments and was the main inspiration for most of the material for the debut album “El Clasico” When the original members parted different ways, Geoff regrouped finding new members Sarah Adele and Sauce. With the new additions he would form a creative partnership and establish the foundation for a boundary defying movement known as LSA.

Growing up in Calexico, California, Sarah grew up listening to Linda Rondstadt, Alejandra Guzman, Jay Z and Madonna. Sarah has been harnessing her vocal skills since a kid singing in the shower to eventually auditioning for American Idol. Sarah started getting her feet wet performing at Karaoke bars as well as singing backup for various hip-hop groups in So Cal. After auditioning for LSA through an ad on craigslist, Sarah was chosen out of forty female singers. She is excited about the future of LSA performing domestically and internationally. Sarah feels the music relates to the American and Latin cultures with the lyrics in Spanish and English.

Sauce born in Arleta, California and raised in a musical family: his father originally played drums for Mana. At 15 years old he began writing poetry — which, in Sauce’s mind, “would translate into lyrics of songs.” Inspired by Pedrito Fernandez, Los Bukis, Cypress Hill to Snoop Dogg, Sauce immersed himself in the local music scene with the band iLL fUNk Nation. By 2006, he was singing backup for Geoff Antonio at impromptu neighborhood parties and gigs spread out through Hollywood scene. But Sauce truly found his artistic niche in 2009 when, alongside Geoff Antonio and Sarah Adele, he collaborated on songs on the up coming album “El Clasico”. Sauce feels that LSA plays an important part in the word party. He truly believes that when entertainers leave their 100 percent on the stage the fans do the same. It’s a feeling of togetherness and unity.

“I wanted this album to reach across boundries and give people something upbeat to dance despite the current trying times of the world,” Geoff says. “The music is a hybrid of Latin influences from Santana, Juanez, Ozomatli, the Gypsy Kings and the hip-hop side comes from artist like Kanye West, Timbaland, Neptunes, and Black Eyed Peas”. Without the assistance of any major labels or marketing gurus, Geoff put the album together knowing that it would get distributed eventually because the music was as good if not better than other major artist.

“I was really inspired by Geoff,” Sarah says. “He wasn’t coming up with the same old style of music as every one else — he doing music that is different from what is currently going on. I think that’s why LSA stands apart from other groups”. “Instead of trying to have that same sound as many other artist try to do, LSA is on to something that creates the trends instead of following what’s hot right now”.

After working on the album for three years in LA, the location of Geoff’s VA Entertainment production company, he produced enough groundbreaking material to land the attention of Bill Walker CEO of Thump/Universal Records. The tracks “Bump Bump” and “Suga Babe” were selected to be on the 2009 Low Rider Tour Compilation. After that LSA performed their debut show in Hollywood in which Thump/Universal was in attendance, which landed to the record deal with the label.

LSA’s live show is what the group is most passionate about. Instead of going with the standard setup of three mcs and a dj, they perform with a full band that includes guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, and congas/timbales. This is something that LSA insist on to prove that hip-hop inspired music is not always limited to boring track peformances. With a line of sold out House of Blues dates already under their belt, the group is ready to take on national and international touring to get the music out to people ready to connect with an intense and energetic show.

Now, LSA is poised to revolutionize the Latin, pop, and urban markets with its powerfull debut album “El Clasico”, which features production with raw guitars and driving “hip-pop” beats. The lead single, “Bump Bump,” a sultry and bottom-heavy club banger, showcases LSA’s aggressive but playful delivery. “Mi Vida, Mi Amor” meanwhile, zooms in on the classic trio sound that both the older and younger latino generations can relate to. “I like them girls”, is an ode to playfull relations between partners, while “Primera Vista” is the jewel of the album that has the perfect mixture of latin and hip-hop delivery while singing of love at first sight. Each single in the album showcases a different aspect of the group, making them all the more relatable to audiences worldwide.

“We want to unify our communities,” Sarah says of LSA’s mission. “By being bilingual, we address all those people — the non-English speaker and the non-Spanish speaker — and we create a bridge between them, a space where they can all exist.”

Here’s to a new era of music, LSA.
Geoff Antonio – Vocals, Guitar
Sarah Adele – Vocals
Sauce – Vocals


El Clasico the debut album will be coming out May 2010
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