Geoff Antonio

Music Video

-GEOFF ANTONIO- producer, MC, musician & songwriter- is demolishing sound barriers and stirring it up one city at a time. An east coast native, GEOFF’s music roots go deep. GEOFF started his career at the age of 13th in Virginia Beach, VA. with his guitar and a dream. Growing up with the greats, Santana, Gypsy Kings and Black Eyed Peas, GEOFF was influenced by some of the most diverse musicians on the planet. “My music is multi-dimensional.”

At a young age GEOFF strived for perfection. Continuously taking risks, GEOFF entered and won a spot in Teddy Riley’s (producer for Michael Jackson & Mick Jagger) show where he remixed and performed “Slam” by Onyx alongside music legends The Neptunes and Kenna. Launching his career into stardom Riley offered GEOFF a production deal. Although a dream come true, GEOFF stayed in school and launched a band by the name of “Instinct.” Keeping their heads in their books and playing it smart, Instinct went on to sign a larger deal with Pumpkin Head Records owned by Trent Reznor and Rich Bowler.

It wasn’t long before GEOFF was on the radar for bigger names in the industry. Following much success with Instinct GEOFF was soon playing with Linkin Park as their bass player. Living his dream and making a name for himself GEOFF rolled with the rock stars. “It was a dream come true!”

Using his contacts and expertise in the industry GEOFF took the ultimate leap and started his own Latin based hip-hop soul group, LSA ‘I enjoyed my time with Linkin Park; I just wanted to be immerse in Latin and International Music. Something was calling me.”

Years later, blood, sweat and radio success GEOFF ANTONIO is now a hit. Playing some of the hottest spots in Hollywood and making airwaves, GEOFF landed a spot on the Howard Stern show. GEOFF’s latest hit single ‘Bump Bump’ was featured on the show. Stern was so enthusiastic about the track that he personally walked GEOFF over to Sirius radio station and insisted that the single air. ‘That song can be a hit.’

Kicking it up and moving forward, this year GEOFF is to releasing two solo and collaborative albums. ‘Most importantly I just want to do what I love and show people a good time.’ Scheduled to launch internationally, GEOFF’s albums will be available on all major distribution outlets including iTunes. ‘This music is thrilling, fun, and a whole lot of funk!’