Gianfranco De Franco

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2013 Honorable Mention¬†–¬†23rd Annual LA Music Awards

PAGE INFO Genre, experimental music, electronic ambient Hometown Laino Borgo, Cosenza Mk records Record Label Short Description Multi-instrumentalist, musicologist and music therapist Bio composer, multi-instrumentalist and music therapist. Its kinda explore styles of experimental music and ambient through the more bucolic new age as the most strident metal industrial, passing rock and contemporary. He collaborates with various musical groups: Mandara, Red Basica, Takabum Street Band (open act: Bollani, d. Rea, p. Fresu), etc. composes and performs live soundtracks of various performances including “Dissonorata” and “La Banda”. La Ruina (3 prizes UBU). In 2013 he recorded his first solo album “Cu capu vasciata” (Mk) enjoying a great consensus of critics and audiences. In France her second album “33 minutes √† Cannes” (Mk). Receives a special mention to “Artist in Music Awards 2014″ in Los Angeles. He plays in various international festivals: London, Dublin, Argentina, Paris, Cologne, Zagreb, Lugano, Bellinzona, Cordoba, Mendoza, Grenoble, split, Brussels, Moscow, Sarayevo. to be continued on (english version) Awards Special mention to “Artist in Music Awards 2014″ category ‘ Best Alternative Artist, Los Angeles. ” Music contro le Mafie e 2012 “Rome art R.I.P” 2013. Gender Male Email Website Contact