Gio (Red 9)

Highlight Reel

2011 Nominee – Rock Drummer of the Year – 21st Annual LA Music Awards

Paul Frislie – guitars
Giovanni Fuentes – drums
Jeff Lyons – bass & vocals

Most bands are happy to beg, borrow, and steal from their influences and call it a day. RED9 prefers to rip their influences apart, grind them up into a thick paste, add a bit of individuality to taste, and scoop it right into your ears.

Critics and reviewers agree that no one knows what RED9 is exactly. Is it rock? Hard rock? Progressive rock? Alternative rock? Metal? Handsome? Sweet and sassy? No one has arrived at a singular conclusion. However, it’s not hard to hear where this higher form of musical magic comes from with influences like Alice In Chains, Filter, Soundgarden, Nine Inch Nails, Muse, Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, candy, dark beer, and radial tires.

The story begins in 2007. Jeff Lyons and Paul Frislie, who had been playing together in another band for 2 years prior, decided separately it was time to move on. When this shared sentiment came to light, it was immediately decided that something new should rise from the ashes. Jeff switched from drums to bass. Paul changed his clothes. And together they began a quest to find other musicians who were not lame. A quest that would test their resolve and their patience.

As the search progressed for a singer and drummer, Jeff discovered that the angels had blessed him with what can only be described as “an adequate voice”. Having discovered this great gift, the search was narrowed to find a new Stick Master. Meanwhile, the catalog of new material was building and aching to be set free.

In 2009, they couldn’t hold it in any longer and RED9 released an EP entitled “1 of 9″, with Jeff covering not only bass and vocals, but the drums as well. Shortly thereafter, an email was received from a place they did not expect. From the Realm of Riverside came Giovanni Fuentes. The timing was most fortunate as the band was in the midst of putting together it’s first full-length album, “The Host”. Three months after “1 of 9″ was released, “The Host” was revealed to all who would listen. Songs like “Last Mistake” and “Adios” gave early hints as to what was to come from this powerhouse trio.

After many, many shows around the Orange County and Los Angeles area, it was time to expel yet another staggering collection of melodious etudes. In 2011, RED9 released their second full-length effort, simply titled “RED9.” The increase in response compared to its previous efforts was exponential, garnering the band several nominations and awards. The list includes several Orange County Music Award nominations (Best Rock (x2), Best Live Band, Best Video-“Fanatico”), top honors in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest – Rock category (“All They Reign”), and being hand-picked for an onstage appearance with Slash at The Wiltern in Los Angeles by the man himself.

The story continues into 2013 as RED9 releases it’s third album entitled “Under Dark Skies.” Ten brand new tracks that are sure to propel the band into even greater uncharted territories. Their history of entirely self-produced releases remains intact with this latest effort. The album was written and recorded using only the life force provided by the three members of the band.

RED9 have a heaping spoonful of something a little different. When your ears are ready.