Gricel Simon Dosal

Frontman for Scarlet Letter – 6th annual la music awards
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Artist Bio
Scarlet Letter is a powerhouse S. Florida based, four member all original band. With memorable classic rock-inspired music written in a progressive style, the music and lyrics are substance driven and solid. However, their sound can also be mystically sweet with acoustical layering, soft background vocals and string arrangements. One track offers a softer touch, while others offer scorching and intense vocals and raw stinging guitars. This blend of melody and muscle, combined with tight and creative harmony vocals, continues to be a signature of the group. With a strong melodic and lyrical content, Scarlet Letter is often referred to as a well-written blend of emotion and power.

Fronted by the passionate female lead vocals of Gricel Julie Simon, Scarlet Letter has consistently drawn attention from major and independent industry labels and distributors, and maintained a loyal fan base in the South Florida area. On hiatus to record their second full length CD in 2000, the group has just released the long-awaited “Speaking Volumes” and is currently seeking reviews and radio airplay while distributing through their own Lights Go Down Productions, Inc.

Having performed in the S. Regional U.S., as well as concert appearances in cities like Los Angeles and New Orleans, Scarlet Letter is a finely tuned and seasoned group of individuals. Florida press coverage includes RAG MAGAZINE, JAM MAGAZINE, VOODOO HIGHWAY and UP AND COMING, along with LA press in ROCK CITY NEWS, ENTERTAINMENT TODAY, LA TIMES CALENDAR, RAVE MAGAZINE and BILLBOARD. Florida radio airplay includes ZETA and WVUM. Studio sessions include CRESCENT MOON STUDIOS in Miami, produced by Fred Pinero, Jr. (Gloria Estefan, Jon Secada).

Press Reviews
“Their solid performance and dedication to their craft proves they’re ready for the big time”

–Maxine Hinds
“Scarlet Letter’s music is impressively fresh… their style is mainstream, but with an original flair that has become harder and harder to come by.”

–Rag Music Magazine
“A group who utilizes issues of social relevance as the basis to their content.”

–Los Angeles Rock City News
“Scarlet Letter’s material is outstanding!”

–Jam Magazine

“Scarlet Letter – a rising star!”

–eSoundz Reporter

MP3s and Sound Clips
Download Real Audio Remember My Name (Real Audio)
Download Real Audio Where We Gonna Go (Real Audio)
Download Real Audio Big Blue Balloon (Real Audio)
Download Real Audio Parade (Real Audio)
Download Real Audio When The Lights Go Down (Real Audio)

Tour Dates and Location
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Pembroke Pines FL, USA


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