Grain of Truth

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2010 Recipient – 3rd annual Phoenix Awards – 20th Annual LA Music Awards

Once upon a time, rock and roll was a tangible art form, a monolith for music rather than media. Bands cut their teeth on endless practice and performances, struggled to realize their dreams away from mundane day-jobs. Before video games would dilute rock’s legendary and endless search for new heroes, an infinite number of its infantry fought to claim their part of a united front for rock’s truth and it’s version of the American way. Billions of bands, like pebbles of sand, are part of this earth from whence rock and roll grew…but here, we wish to focus on one, “Grain of Truth.”
Rising from Phoenix, this four-piece has paid the dues demanded by the hard rock genre whilst upholding and respecting all the nearly biblical teachings of their predecessors. To say that Grain of Truth is another modern hard rock band is an injustice because this band did more than just listen to their inspirations; they are keeping them alive as well. Crank up tunes such as “Living Like You’re Already Dead” or “Caught in the Middle” and one can hear the convergence of Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin on steroids. Framed with positive, poignant and powerful life-lesson lyrical content, Grain of Truth’s songs are anthems of life that will someday be referenced by aspiring musicians. Grain of Truth has obviously chosen to control the rock and roll game as opposed to merely being played on game controllers.
Chuck Moore (lead vocals) Mike Mahoney (lead guitar) Paul Anthony (bass) and David Bedell (drums) are far from being wet behind the ears, ringing out dark rumbling riffs and memorable melodies. If that’s not enough, it will quickly become apparent after a few listens that Moore is destined to be a definitive voice in modern rock lore with Mahoney’s inspiring riffs headed for the “Guitar Hero” game console (like it or not!). Anthony and Bedell propel the whole team forward with a rock solid groove and enough strategy to call for many instant replays. Through it all, the song remains the most important element. “When I Was Young”, “Tell Me” and “Tempted” are just a few examples of the quality of songwriting that eludes so many bands on the brink of stardom.
What matters most is not necessarily where you are from but where you are going. Grain of Truth has not only put forth a worthy effort, they have actually eclipsed what is acceptable in their genre; reached towards establishing a new standard, sound, and a legion of fans. To them, and soon to the rest of the world, none of this is a game. This is a rock band.