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1993 Recipient – Best BassĀ – 3rd Annual LA Music Awards

Greg Chaisson is a bass guitarist and singer/songwriter/producer who has played in various bands, most notably Badlands (which featured guitarist Jake E. Lee, formerly of Ozzy Osbourne, vocalist Ray Gillen and drummers Eric Singer and Jeff Martin.) He has also played and recorded with Surgical Steel, Steeler, Legs Diamond, Blindside Blues Band, Die Happy, Red Sea, Pat Travers, and Darrell Mansfield among others. He resides in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife and children where he coaches and teaches baseball. Additionally he plays in an unnamed original band which features members Michael Beck, Ryan McKay, and Donny Fargo. His solo album is titled It’s About Time (1994).
Badlands (1989)
Voodoo Highway (1991)
Dusk (1998)
Surgical Steel
Metal Massacre II (1982)
American Metal: The Steeler Anthology
Die Happy
Volume 2 (1993)
Intense Live Series Vol. 4 (1993)
Blindside Blues Band
Blindside Blues Band (1993)
Blindsided (1994)
Messenger Of The Blues (1995)
Red Sea
Blood (1994)
Pat Travers
Just a Touch (1993)
Craig Erickson
Two Sides Of The Blues (1994)
Darrell Mansfield
Mansfield & Co. (1995)
Stephen Christian
Self-Titled (1998)
It’s About Time (1994)