Gregory Scott

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Nominee at the 10th annual LA Music Awards

Nominated for Outstanding Music Video –  13th Annual LA Music Awards

Song: “Spark”

Nominated for Independent Pop Artist of the Year –  13th Annual LA Music Awards

Contemporary Christian artist of the Year – 13th Annual LA Music Awards

Los Angeles Music Award winner for Contemporary Christian Artist of the year. Gregory Scott combines inspirational lyrics with catchy pop/rock melodies.
Genre: Spiritual: Contemporary Christian
Release Date: 2005

With two Top-40 singles- Spark and Closing In- playing on over 50 mainstream pop stations across the country, tours with Radio Disney, and three Los Angeles Music Award nominations, Gregory Scott’s career was on the fast track to pop stardom. He became a regular face in the teen magazines landing in Pop Star, J14, Twist, Teen Voice, and over 40 popular e-zines. The success of his debut album, The Waking Hour, was matched by critical acclaim and rave reviews, so it came as a shock to most when Gregory Scott turned from the pop scene and embarked on recording a Contemporary Christian album.

“Music is such an amazing ministry,” says Scott, “Because it allows you an opportunity to reach people who wouldn’t otherwise be open to hearing the message. In a secular society, people build walls and make false assumptions about the word of God. A great song can break through all those barriers.” Scott brought in some of the Industry’s best to help him realize his vision for the album including producers Rob Hoffman and Heather Holley (Christina Aguilera, Superchick), Wayne Cohen (Jennifer Love Hewitt, Curtis Stigers), Paul Duncan (Mercy Street, Sherrie Austin), and long-time collaborator Jim DeCicco. The buzz has been building. Before even completing the album, Scott took home a win for Contemporary Christian Artist of the Year at the 2003 Los Angeles Music Awards. After spending the early part of 2004 touring the Southwest and Hawaii with Frequency5, he took on the east coast debuting his new songs on the Pop Goes the World Tour.

On the surface Gregory Scott has the voice, the songs, a youthful look, and an easy-going charm… But look a little deeper and you’ll discover a passionate artist with a solid foundation. The 24-year-old singer-songwriter leads worship for the student ministries at Journey of Faith, one of Southern California’s most prominent churches, and is earning a Masters Degree in Biblical & Theological Studies from Talbot Seminary. Scott writes or co-writes all his material and blends his many influences for a distinctive sound that is unique and still accessible. Indeed, his testimony can be heard in the lyrics of his songs, “Obvious” and “Lead You Home”, but the CD’s songs run the emotional gamut, examining his faith in times of adversity through tough relationships (“Pathetic Love”), personal struggles (“One Truth”), and negativity in a secular world (“Shamed”). Others highlight the excitement of realizing the Lord’s presence in his life (“Perfect World”, “Awake”) and an earnest love and gratitude for all God has done and is capable of doing (first single, “My Prayer”).

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